Definition of blouson in English:



  • A short loose-fitting jacket, typically bloused and finishing at the waist.

    • ‘Slouchy drawstring pants, a blouson jacket with crystal cuffs, stretchy mini skirts and tiny mid-riff tops.’
    • ‘There's also the too-young, perpetually fashion-free pastel shirts, the too-tight jeans and the blouson leather jackets; sartorial choices suggesting he shops by catalogue with his eyes shut.’
    • ‘Basic forms like blousons or trench-coats, shirts or T-shirts, skirts or pants, are always enriched by new unexpected, ironic elements.’
    • ‘Although the skirts are short, the look is warmed up by small down jackets, light sheepskin blousons, boots and also pretty, small mantles in cable knit.’
    • ‘The mystery caller was stocky and dressed in a blouson jacket and a baseball cap.’
    • ‘Her newer slouchy silhouette offers sporty satin blouson jackets and drawstring pants to mix with sensual hand crochet knits.’
    • ‘For the first time, the contract will involve the supply of the entire garda uniform, including a blouson jacket with zip-in fleece, shirts, trousers and boots.’
    • ‘The blouson is adapted from a tuxedo jacket provided with an extra large lapel, the end of which goes over the meeting line between the shoulders and the upper arms.’
    • ‘Inside, big-haired models wearing high-shine lipstick strike power poses in aviator sunglasses and leather blousons.’
    • ‘But tamed down to their elements - such as zip detailing and cosy down-stuffed linings in bombers and blousons - even these translate as sound casual wear.’
    • ‘All were dressed alike in soft flowing blousons and trousers cut off at the shin, so their movements were unrestricted and fluid, like folk in a dream, or the near dead.’
    • ‘Netting featured throughout the display, popping up as a panel on the back of a blouson or as material for the skimpiest of tunics.’
    • ‘Northern beaver is worked in soft ivory tones in blouson pullovers and jackets.’
    • ‘No blouson denim jackets, or orange-lined bomber jackets which made a noise like you were wearing a binbag whenever you moved.’
    • ‘After all, he's not still wearing that 1985 black velvet blouson jacket with the elasticated waist and ‘Gigolo’ written on the back, is he?’
    • ‘I took the difficult decision to tell Jack his pin-striped skirt and blouson hadn't gone down too well on this side of the Atlantic, but he was having none of it.’
    • ‘One favourite piece is a classic style satin blouson, which is available in three colours and is reversible.’
    • ‘We're all aware that, while cutting-edge fashion can be a slither of mermaid sequins slashed north of the knicker line, it just as often means a tweedy suit, and a caramel leather blouson worn with shades.’
    • ‘I'm not sure what I find more perplexing; that someone would get married in a black leather blouson followed by a wedding breakfast in a fast food restaurant or that someone would put the cutting on the internet!’
    • ‘Two dancers in white make a classical assignation, she on pointe, he in heroic blouson.’


Early 20th century from French, diminutive of blouse.