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(also blowdrier)

See blow-dry

‘For styling without damage, Walker tries not to use too much heat or apply too much tension when he's using blow-dryers and curling irons.’
  • ‘Although blow-dryers may be appropriate in the dressing areas in the front or back of the church for wedding party members or clergy having bad hair days, no one else should consider taking their dryer to church.’
  • ‘Fry your scalp and hair with excessive heat from blow-dryers, hot combs and hair-bonnet dryers.’
  • ‘She recommends sitting under a dryer for 10 to 15 minutes before using a nozzled blow-dryer (1,500 watts is sufficient for home use).’
  • ‘After shampooing and conditioning, the model sat under the dryer until her hair was 90-percent dry, and then I finished it with a blow-dryer.’
  • ‘She then put it in a small black, floral patterned, bag and continued to fill it with such items as make-up, hairspray, a blow-drier and other such necessities that every woman needs to succeed in life.’
  • ‘He has his own blow-drier, shampoos, special mousses and hair lacquer, special stuff to fluff his tail up, and special clippers.’
  • ‘Heat your metal lash curler with your blow-dryer for a few seconds.’
  • ‘And try to lay off your blow-dryer, hot curlers and flat iron as much as possible.’
  • ‘Mild-mannered folk formerly obsessed with word counts and copping the lead position for their story in the week's News section exhibit a newfound interest in voice lessons and begin price shopping for blow-dryers and hair stylists.’
  • ‘Perk up your hair with some highlights for that just-got-back-from-vacation look, and put your blow-dryer in storage - wavy, curly, casual hair is back.’
  • ‘But they have to be dry before they can be painted, thus the blow-dryers.’
  • ‘Scuttling, blow-dryers like power generators, buzzing, the sound of an entire building waking up.’
  • ‘An opaque sign-painter's enamel in various institutional colors is subsequently dripped on the surface, with an electric fan or blow-dryer used to change the direction of the spatters, often in defiance of the viewer's sense of gravity.’
  • ‘Out is the old-fashioned idea that females care more about their appearance than males do: today's illustrator must portray both sexes ‘preening in front of a mirror,’ with Dad using a blow-dryer.’
  • ‘If you have thick hair, a blow-dryer can clear a visible path; ask a friend or family member to help you.’
  • ‘Your next weapons are a powerful blow-dryer and a round brush - or, if your hair's too tangle-prone for round-brush maneuvers, a straightening comb attachment for your blow-dryer.’
  • ‘Do I hit him over the head with the blow-dryer and tell him he's going to have to be content with my inner beauty, or should I make this concession to marital contentment and wear my hair longer (even if it bugs the hell out of me)?’
  • ‘My mother threw the blow-dryer at her soon-to-be fiancé, and that got him so mad that he stomped out of the house, never to be seen again.’
  • ‘Sunlight can be as damaging as a too-hot blow-dryer.’