Definition of blow chunks in English:

blow chunks


informal North American
  • Vomit.

    • ‘Chaz smiled weakly, looking every bit like he was about to blow chunks all over everybody.’
    • ‘We've all blown chunks in some dirty bathroom or bedroom or backseat.’
    • ‘I fear that I might blow chunks at any minute.’
    • ‘The third guy said, "I went home and blew chunks."’
    • ‘I tried to eat a big plate of greasy pasta afterwards and blew chunks.’
    • ‘I remember seeing Waters ' old movie "Pink Flamingos" and thinking I would blow chunks.’
    • ‘If you weren't blowing chunks or passing out, you weren't working hard enough.’
    • ‘Eddie Jones took a hit to the groin that was so powerful that he actually blew chunks.’
    • ‘David, if you blow chunks in my shop, I'm going to make you eat it, I swear.’
    • ‘I'm about ready to blow chunks when I stumble past a rack of Hurley clothing, and I lost it completely!’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up