Definition of blowdart in English:



  • A dart shot from a blowpipe.

    ‘I'll give you a few examples: the Morlock hunt their prey by tagging them with blowdarts.’
    • ‘The pizza was going to be airlifted back to the island via the chopper, possibly as a reward for the winner of some silly swimming or fishing or blowdart contest that he had cooked up to keep the players at each other's throats.’
    • ‘But Holmes knows better: the men have been poisoned by drug soaked blowdarts that create realistic and deadly hallucinations.’
    • ‘It was as if I could swing from trees and outrun blowdarts and giant rolling boulders.’
    • ‘For the urban hunter a quick how to for making effective blowdarts, useful for taking down anything from pesky pets to annoying co-workers.’



/ˈblōdärt/ /ˈbloʊdɑrt/