Definition of blowfish in English:


nounplural noun blowfish, plural noun blowfishes

  • Any of a number of fishes that are able to inflate their bodies when alarmed, such as a globefish.

    ‘You have the fish - your piranha, your suckers, your blowfish, your sharks, your bottom feeders, your overpriced tuna.’
    • ‘And not just any fish, mind you, but tasty ones, like flying fish, yellowtail and blowfish - the forbidden fugu - plus spiny, slimy things like ebi, abalone and crawfish.’
    • ‘Even the unlucky fisher who caught the most blowfish was rewarded at a family fishing event on the weekend.’
    • ‘‘I really think that's a little presumptuous of you to characterize me as such so early in the game,’ I said, puffing up like a blowfish.’
    • ‘Galen had just crossed his eyes and puckered his lips together, much like a blowfish, towards Mikey, who in return scooped Kris over his shoulder and broke into an all out run.’
    • ‘And after it turned out Homer really didn't eat a poisonous blowfish, leaving him with more than just one day to live, what was the first thing he did with a new lease on life?’
    • ‘Cut the blowfish on a bias into paper-thin slices.’
    • ‘What exactly makes a particular blowfish the best?’
    • ‘By the time he had arrived, Rachael's knee had swelled up like a blowfish, and a nice, purple bruise was starting to form.’
    • ‘Showing false strength is a bluff, and works at times in the natural world - like a blowfish or a bear standing up on two legs.’
    • ‘I didn't think it was possible for Shanna to look like she swallowed a blowfish.’
    • ‘Her cheeks colored prettily and I had the insane urge to kiss the lips impersonating a blowfish.’
    • ‘Only specified licensed chefs are qualified to prepare the blowfish for human consumption.’
    • ‘He reminds me of a blowfish, trying to puff himself up into far more importance than he actually has.’
    • ‘Well, on the bright side I now know how a blowfish feels.’
    • ‘What do you think, should I press my face to the window and do the blowfish thing?’
    • ‘The tropical marine blowfish, which can grossly distend its spiny body into globular form, thereby terrifying confused predators.’
    • ‘And from belugas to blowfish, the world's largest aquarium has it all.’
    • ‘‘No,’ he replied as his face turned into a giant red blowfish.’
    • ‘He's a great guy, and he's promised to show me how to cook blowfish.’



/ˈblōˌfiSH/ /ˈbloʊˌfɪʃ/