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Pronunciation /ˈblōˌflī/ /ˈbloʊˌflaɪ/


  • A large and typically metallic-colored fly that lays its eggs on meat and carcasses.

    Family Calliphoridae: numerous species, including the bluebottle

    • ‘What was decomposing the carcasses, given the total absence of fossils of the larger flies, such as flesh flies and blowflies (whose larvae, which we call maggots, feed on carrion)?’
    • ‘Fly parasites are useful for the control of house flies, stable flies, blowflies, and many other fly species.’
    • ‘In fact, they are regarded as beneficial because they are predators of many insects that do hold pest status, such as house flies and blowflies.’
    • ‘The diverse group of fly species called schizophorans includes houseflies, fruit flies, and flesh-burrowing blowflies.’
    • ‘These tiny wasps are important biological control agents of nuisance flies, such as the house fly and blowfly.’
    • ‘To keep flies, and especially blowflies, away from and breeding in your garbage bin, soak strips of old sheeting in a liquid repellent made by dissolving ten drops of citronella oil and three drops of peppermint oil in a litre of water.’
    • ‘Only a few species of fly larvae, primarily blowflies, are suitable for such duty.’
    • ‘For nervous children going to the toilet had the usual problems of non-flush toilets - blowflies, spiders, and even wetas, and possums on the roof.’
    • ‘So in some splendid still lifes you will find blowflies sitting on a pear or the odd maggot creeping out of a peach.’
    • ‘It is embellished with thousands of black-and-white scraperboard illustrations so superbly detailed that you can count every hair on a blowfly's bum.’
    • ‘A European blowfly, yet another life-form introduced to New Zealand, proved to be as harmful as the weasels.’
    • ‘It sounds to me like a blowfly buzzing around in a chandelier.’
    • ‘He was dozing gently in the autumn sunshine when a late blowfly droned past, rousing him for his soporific state.’
    • ‘In the mid-1990s, when poachers shot three adult bears and two cubs near a garbage dump and cut out their gallbladders, scientists used the timing of blowflies hatching on the dead cubs to tie two suspects to the scene of the crime.’
    • ‘When the blowflies enter the flower, slanted spines prevent exit, and the flies are trapped overnight, spreading their pollen to the mature female florets inside the flower.’
    • ‘The unique characteristic of these fascinating plants is their flowers, whose odour is not likely to cause amour unless the recipients of the odours are blowflies.’
    • ‘To answer your second question: be thankful they weren't blowflies.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, the sound of the blast had drawn news helicopters from all directions like blowflies to a murdered corpse.’
    • ‘The soundtrack is dominated by the rich buzz of blowflies, the same winged buzz that punctuate later scenes set at the garbage dump.’
    • ‘None of the wounds developed an infection or became infested by blowfly.’



/ˈblōˌflī/ /ˈbloʊˌflaɪ/