Definition of blowtorch in English:



  • A portable device producing a hot flame which can be directed on to a surface, typically to burn off paint.

    • ‘These range from fires ignited by blowtorches involved in paint stripping, to electrical appliances and other equipment which may have been stored in a damp garage or shed over the winter period.’
    • ‘Zack: ‘It looks as though I'm gonna have to use the portable blowtorch to melt the ice.’’
    • ‘Currently, we seal one end of the capillary by touching the very extreme of the capillary with the flame of a blowtorch, which fuses the silica together.’
    • ‘Even with arenas packed with blowtorches and buzz-saws and giant hammers, there was only so much appliance warfare I could take.’
    • ‘The contraption is a cross between a blowtorch ad chain saw.’
    • ‘There are shots from the ground of men with blowtorches in surgical masks, while subtitles that plaintively ask, ‘Why are they making me?’’
    • ‘Picking up one of his tools, a small blowtorch, he set to work with a vengeance.’
    • ‘The price includes copper piping and sheeting and the use of tools, including a blowtorch and a pipe-cutter.’
    • ‘No matter how hot a blowtorch burns, it doesn't shed much light.’
    • ‘She held a plastic blowtorch in her right hand; its blue cellophane flame penetrating the stocking at her thigh.’
    • ‘In others, he burns an old computer with a blowtorch and demonstrates the safe way to smash a monitor.’
    • ‘The highlight was when my friends, who are as yet unjaded by simple kitchen magic, witnessed the cook using a blowtorch to broil the cheese on the soup.’
    • ‘And, while the heavy machinery digs and sifts, construction workers use blowtorches to cut away the intertwined sections of steel, which is contorted like giant pretzels.’
    • ‘His assistants support the vessel, and use blowtorches to keep it warm.’
    • ‘He later founded and sold a company that provided cable-TV programs for college students, such as a late-night cooking show that once demonstrated how to make baked Alaska with a blowtorch.’
    • ‘‘Yeah and everyone just happens to have a blowtorch lying around the house,’ Alexander added, finally able to regain control.’
    • ‘The ramekin dish was topped with slices of banana and strawberry, but underneath the fruit someone had been a little heavy-handed with the blowtorch, and what should have been crispy toffee was actually burnt sugar.’
    • ‘My portion of braised veal trotters seemed to have been overbraised by a week or two, and the lamb sausages tasted faintly of gas, as if they'd been blasted with a blowtorch.’
    • ‘His recipes sound terrific, but he must have a much neater juicer than mine, which takes an age to clean and is now gathering dust next to the sandwich-maker and the blowtorch for making crème brulee.’
    • ‘Usually a lot of boiling takes care of the problem, but in the most extreme examples, knives with wooden handles have to be thrown out and ovens have to be cleaned with a blowtorch.’