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  • 1Denoting companies or their shares considered to be a reliable investment, though less secure than gilt-edged stock.

    ‘Many investors look for reliable blue-chip companies with predictable, regular revenues - safe havens, if you like.’
    • ‘Shares in big, blue-chip companies are easy to buy and sell because there are billions of shares in circulation, plus a lively market of buyers and sellers.’
    • ‘Four traditional blue-chip companies update their investors next week.’
    • ‘Wong said that indicated liquidity is still abundant, but investors did not have confidence in high-tech stocks and blue-chip shares following their previous rallies.’
    • ‘Before long, marketers even at blue-chip companies were using the book as a manual for their ‘buzz marketing’ efforts.’
    • ‘Rather than identifying individual blue-chip companies, Aunt Agatha is probably better off investing in the ultimate blue chip - the market itself!’
    • ‘By investing in an index tracker, you can beat the pants off the vast majority of managed funds, simply by investing in the UK's biggest blue-chip companies.’
    • ‘Our contract niche is very much along the lines of blue-chip companies who want to produce nice magazines and newsletters.’
    • ‘To be sure, no hedge fund attacks on blue-chip companies have come to light, and some say there's little to fear from shareholders seeking to exercise their rights.’
    • ‘One of the things about American industry that's pretty cool is that almost all the blue-chip companies have cleaned up their balance sheets.’
    • ‘Two-thirds of directors of blue-chip companies are in final-salary schemes, where pensions are based on years of service and annual salary at retirement.’
    • ‘Also, if you're looking for blue-chip companies with attractive dividends and decent growth prospects, here are six cheap shares for 2004.’
    • ‘It blamed the closure on the downturn in the technology sector and the postponement of several projects with large blue-chip companies.’
    • ‘It is understood to have sealed a significant deal with a blue-chip company and has customers in Europe, Asia and the US.’
    • ‘Discussions are taking place with a number of large blue-chip companies, although Hanna would not be drawn on names.’
    • ‘There are two types: investment-grade bonds are issued by blue-chip companies and are therefore considered relatively secure.’
    • ‘But the bulk of her investment income still derives from the relative safety of blue-chip companies.’
    • ‘The couple travel as guests of blue-chip companies and make public appearances on their behalf.’
    • ‘The golden rule is to stick to blue-chip businesses with solid reputations, because trust and integrity are everything in a deal that requires payment far in advance of receipt.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that investing in ‘fledgling’ firms is far riskier than buying into blue-chip businesses.’
    1. 1.1Of the highest quality.
      ‘blue-chip art’
      • ‘In the present exhibition the seven participating artists are young and on the threshold of their careers hoping to make works that in time would translate into blue-chip art.’
      • ‘The world's richest collectors are still prepared to pay almost any price for exceptional, blue-chip modern art - especially when it comes fresh to the market and with an impeccable provenance.’
      • ‘No doubt he hopes to fire up the collecting ambitions of his sometimes troubled museum, which must compete for blue-chip art with many other powerful institutions.’
      • ‘The Parchman Stremmel Galleries round out the commercial gallery scene with imported blue-chip art and local talent.’
      • ‘Since much of the blue-chip art on show will vanish into private collections, it may be your only chance to see some great works.’



/ˌblo͞oˈCHip/ /ˌbluˈtʃɪp/


Late 19th century (in sense ‘played with blue chips’): from the blue chip used in gambling games, which usually has a high value.