Definition of blue-haired in English:



  • 1Having hair that is blue in color.

    ‘a blue-haired troll doll’
    • ‘The lead singer, a blue-haired grade 12-er, cheered.’
    • ‘There, right behind her, was the blue-haired prince holding his staff, which was dimly lit with an orange flame.’
    • ‘The blue-haired comic rounded picnic tables and tried to retain his shiny red nose.’
    • ‘He grabbed the first kid, a quiet blue-haired goth girl.’
    • ‘The writers range from high school students to young professionals, from blue-haired liberal to clean-cut conservative, from world traveler to expectant mother.’
    • ‘Derian was taken aback by this blue-haired figure and fumbled for his sword.’
    • ‘Many "Sonic the Hedgehog" fans were disappointed Sega's spiky blue-haired mascot made the transition from 2-D to 3-D a few years ago and slowed the pace of the action-adventure.’
    • ‘After a turbulent long-term relationship with Clementine, a blue-haired, impulsive wild child, Joel is left distraught.’
    • ‘At the Las Vegas computer conference, we ran into a blue-haired nineteen-year-old who plays EverQuest as a Level 55 "cleric" in a powerful guild.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Having hair that is treated with blue rinse.
      • ‘blue-haired elderly ladies’
      • ‘I'm way too active to join the blue-haired crowd on a preplanned bus tour.’
      • ‘Does this mean some day they'll be dodging false teeth unintentionally thrown on stage by blue-haired fans?’
      • ‘Instead of little old blue-haired ladies, the contestants will more likely be young.’
      • ‘A canvas showed an august, blue-haired grandmother floating among a bed of tall grass.’
      • ‘Bush also made an impression on the "Blue-Haired Platoon," a group of older Republican Women working for Blount.’
      • ‘"Most of my fan mail comes from blue-haired ladies who want to know if I'm single."’
      • ‘The self-described goth is not the sole exception to the typical image of rows of pews filled with blue-haired ladies, prim and proper couples, and children with pink cheeks scrubbed clean.’
      • ‘"We were in this huge, old room with this giant silver service, surrounded by all these old, Empire Loyalist blue-haired ladies."’
      • ‘For many people, the word "senior" conjures up images of little blue-haired women and frail old men cluelessly driving 45 mph in the left lane.’
      • ‘Blue-haired grannies can sign up.’