Definition of blue-tongued skink in English:

blue-tongued skink


(also blue-tongued lizard)
  • A heavily built Australian skink with a large head, short limbs, and a blue tongue which is displayed in defense.

    Genus Tiliqua, family Scincidae: several species, in particular T. scincoides, which is commonly kept as a pet

    ‘Her family home on Gilbert Road is literally stuffed full of life, from her husband and two children, to the family dog, two snakes, two veiled chameleons, two iguanas, three geckos, 12 bearded dragons and a blue-tongued skink, to be exact.’
    • ‘A blue-tongued skink and a bearded dragon are just some of the many varied creatures on display at a new centre dedicated to animals which has been officially opened.’
    • ‘She picks up corn snakes and blue-tongued skinks as though they are favourite pets, has ridden elephants, taken close-up photos of yawning crocodiles, and stroked dolphins in the seas off New Zealand.’
    • ‘A blue-tongued skink was examined by veterinary experts who discovered it had severe conjunctivitis and was blind in one eye, with lesions in the other.’
    • ‘This includes leopard geckos, Honduran milk snakes, blue-tongued skink, an eagle owl and the star turns - giant tortoises.’


blue-tongued skink

/blo͞o təNGd skiNGk/ /blu təŋd skɪŋk/