Definition of blue cattle dog in English:

blue cattle dog


  • A cattle dog with a dark speckled body.

    ‘the old blue cattle dog rushed to his master's aid’
    Also called blue heeler
    • ‘On April 2, in daylight, they attacked one of our neighbour's dogs, a blue cattle dog which was close to their house, but were chased away by the owners.’
    • ‘The film is very Hollywood, but hey, it had burly blokes bitch-slapping each other, and a blue cattle dog just like the one I used to own, so I was happy.’
    • ‘It was another reminder of my old blue cattle dog, so thanks for that.’
    • ‘The deaf Australian blue cattle dog pup is settling in with new owners in America.’
    • ‘Paula and her faithful blue cattle dog Levi are inseparable when wandering around the family property.’
    • ‘Three months ago, she decided to foster 11-month-old Prince, a blue cattle dog that was dumped at the pound.’
    • ‘The blue cattle dog who was entered in the pet parade as a stray has been given back to its owners.’
    • ‘One reason my pet of choice is the famous blue cattle dog is because they love to work, and that keeps me fit too!’
    • ‘I don't know much about blue cattle dogs, but there's one next door to me.’
    • ‘We have two young boys and a large fenced yard, we absolutely love blue cattle dogs, and we hope you might be able to help us find a suitable pup.’