Definition of blue-eyed grass in English:

blue-eyed grass


  • A North American plant of the iris family, cultivated for its blue flowers.

    Genus Sisyrinchium, family Iridaceae: several species, including the flat-stemmed S. montanum

    ‘Irises, lilies of the valley, geraniums, and blue-eyed grass are good bets just about anywhere.’
    • ‘The original four blue-eyed grasses have multiplied and the native bunch grasses have prospered.’
    • ‘Though their foliage is grass-like, the blue-eyed grasses belong to the iris family not the grass family.’
    • ‘Along the forest edge, an observer can find wild lettuce, blue-eyed grasses, and Venus's looking-glass.’
    • ‘The white form of this species of blue-eyed grass is void of blue, hence more sensibly called White-eyed Grass.’
    • ‘They were sitting among the blue-eyed grasses on the bank of the brook in Anne's garden.’
    • ‘For example, native blue-eyed grass is an iris in no way related to grass.’
    • ‘On my visit in late winter, there were lots of johnny-jump-ups, the first blue-eyed grasses of the year, and the tail end of the shooting stars’ bloom.’
    • ‘Several landowners are taking action to monitor, conserve and enhance the blue-eyed grass populations on their ground.’
    • ‘Idaho blue-eyed grass is a pretty wildflower with one to several stems rising from 10-40 cm from a cluster of parallel-veined, grass-like leaves.’
    • ‘Then I wandered alone into a field of clover, blue-eyed grasses and Timothey.’
    • ‘Incidentally, don't rely on the name narrowleaf blue-eyed grass; this species, in fact, has the widest leaves of any blue-eyed grass in the state.’
    • ‘The family is characterized by thickened stem organs (bulbs, corms, and rhizomes) and by linear or sword-shaped leaves-small and grasslike in the crocuses and blue-eyed grasses.’
    • ‘Lots of blue-eyed grasses, Indian blankets, Salvia lyrata, and eye-vibrating mixes of orange-red Indian paintbrush and blue Lupines.’
    • ‘Ox-eye daisies, red clover, and blue-eyed grasses, cow vetch, bladder campion, all began to bloom during the preceding week.’


blue-eyed grass

/blo͞o īd ɡras/ /blu aɪd ɡræs/