Definition of blue mold in English:

blue mold

Pronunciation /blo͞o ˈmōld/ /blu ˈmoʊld/


  • A bluish fungus that grows on food. Blue molds are deliberately introduced into some cheeses, and some kinds are used to produce antibiotics such as penicillin.

    Penicillium and other genera, phylum Ascomycota

    ‘It must be given proper time to let the blue mold form and grow, giving it that extra-added flavor you just won't find in other dairy products.’
    • ‘The combination of its double-cream softness and the tanginess of the blue mould may have been accidental, but it is world-class.’
    • ‘Like the blue mold that turns the Amish milk into cheese, his addition as general manager has turned the co-op into a going operation.’
    • ‘The actor in this drama is Penicillium expansum, otherwise known as blue mold.’
    • ‘If one orange was attacked by blue mold, the tissue would help keep it from spreading to others in the pack.’