Definition of blue note in English:

blue note


  • A minor interval where a major would be expected, used especially in jazz.

    ‘The jazz musicians left some blue notes here for posterity.’
    • ‘The catalogue tells us she works from her own photographs and enjoys listening to jazz - think of the blue notes of a jazz musician and you have her in one.’
    • ‘Her soulful chants and blue notes, which float over ethereal background arrangements, accentuate her songs, most of which begin with chants of the hook before descending into verses.’
    • ‘Wonderful old songs, and slowly my fingers get used to playing blues scales, blue notes and the squashed sliding thirds and fifths of this old music fusing Irish, Scottish, French, African and English melodies.’
    • ‘Today his definition of a ‘blue’ note still proves instructive, as does his outlining of the basic elements of jazz (syncopation, improvisation, drums, rhythm, blue note [off notes, glissando, slur], and tone color).’


blue note

/ˈblo͞o ˌnōt/ /ˈblu ˌnoʊt/