Definition of Blue Peter in English:

Blue Peter


  • A blue flag with a white square in the center, raised by a ship about to leave port.

    ‘Manoeuvring my newly-articulated bike as gingerly as a first-time driver, I moved off with the flag on the back of the trailer fluttering like a Blue Peter.’
    • ‘Whilst we were still on shore in Conquerno the Colonel, who was still on board, raised the ‘Blue Peter’ to the mast head.’
    • ‘I was just about to raise the Blue Peter then and go without you, mate!’
    • ‘The captain, believing the seaport to still be in Union hands, raised a "blue peter" flag, which was the international marine signal to take aboard a pilot.’


Blue Peter

/ˌblo͞o ˈpēdər/ /ˌblu ˈpidər/