Definition of blue screen in English:

blue screen


  • 1often as modifier (in film and video techniques such as chromakey) a blue background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image.

    ‘a blue-screen effect’
    • ‘There's also some truly heinous use of blue screen.’
    • ‘There you see her in front of the green screen.’
    • ‘An actor stands in front of a green or blue screen.’
    • ‘Some of the visual effects are distracting in their execution, especially some cheesy bluescreen work at the end.’
    • ‘You once vowed never to do green screen work.’
    • ‘Get ready for a slew of horrible green screen videos on YouTube.’
    • ‘See yourself flying on a magic carpet over Frankfurt using blue-screen technology or experiment with some of the earliest film technology.’
    • ‘She actually found the blue-screen stuff, acting to nothing, easier.’
    • ‘Various behind-the-scenes reports indicate that about 90% of the film was a CGI creation, shot primarily in front of a green screen.’
    • ‘It was not a blue screen effect to overlay the plane into the tape.’
    • ‘It's not like working with blue screen, for instance, where you have to imagine the performance opposite you.’
    • ‘Filmmakers have been working toward a completely fake movie star since the early 1980s, when blue screens were the latest in technology.’
    • ‘I gather he was just a little uncomfortable with some of the technology and the green screen.’
    • ‘But really, the work was more for the cameras - the positioning of the ship - and everything was against a green screen.’
    • ‘Some of the behind-the-scenes information is fairly fun, especially the helicopter drop scene, shot with large mechanical rigs and blue screens.’
    • ‘Certain cinema techniques are innately unrealistic, such as the blue screen and zoom lens.’
    • ‘Gone from the original is any feeling of blue screen or the sense that this guy is being elevated by wires into the air.’
    • ‘This isn't blue screen, it's really the beautiful New Zealand sky.’
    • ‘And the blue screen was pretty obvious at times too.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's because you get a real sense of the actors interacting with an actual environment instead of a green-screen.’
  • 2(on a Windows computer system) a display in the form of an error message in white text on a blue background, occurring in the event of a system crash.

    ‘the user restarts the PC after the blue screen’
    • ‘tricks for understanding and troubleshooting the dreaded blue screen of death’
    • ‘This led to a blue screen with no input found on the projector.’
    • ‘The first attempt gave me a blue screen.’
    • ‘The Windows blue screen of death is usually caused by a low-level error.’
    • ‘One of the main causes of a blue screen on startup is incompatible hardware connected to the machine.’
    • ‘If you're a Windows user, the chances are pretty high that you've spent some time staring at the Blue Screen Of Death.’
    • ‘The file immediately crashes the system into a standard Windows blue screen of death.’
    • ‘As soon as the user restarts the PC after the blue screen, the computer will enter a fake check disk process.’
    • ‘I came back to a blue screen, and so far have not been able to get it to work since.’
    • ‘ The Blue Screen of Death is trying to kill my hard drive.’
    • ‘Many users saw a blue screen saying "Boot Configuration File is missing some required information."’

intransitive verb

(also blue-screen)
[no object]
  • (of a Windows computer) experience a sudden system failure, resulting in the display of an error message in white text on a blue background.

    ‘my computer just blue-screened every time it would try to boot up’
    • ‘The computer would over-heat and blue-screen, shut down and then wouldn't start correctly.’
    • ‘The tablet blue-screened on me on three occasions.’
    • ‘My computer blue-screened the other day.’
    • ‘Panic overwhelmed me when my laptop blue-screened just before a major deadline.’
    • ‘I pressed f8 and tried to boot in safe mode, and it blue-screened again.’
    • ‘While playing the game froze and went pink and pixelated - then it blue-screened.’
    • ‘I saw the laptop blue-screening and rebooting over and over.’
    • ‘If I don't use my computer for a while, it will last for a few hours before blue-screening.’
    • ‘I want to do the upgrade, but I keep hearing horror stories of people's computers blue-screening.’
    • ‘It usually blue-screens during the boot process.’