Definition of blue spruce in English:

blue spruce


  • A North American spruce with sharp, stiff blue-green needles, growing wild in the central Rocky Mountains. Its many cultivated varieties tend to be bluer in color than the wild ones.

    Picea pungens, family Pinaceae

    ‘To keep the whole works from appearing too somber, a few silver highlights are spotted about, such as dwarf blue spruce and lamb's ears.’
    • ‘He planted hundreds of them - white pines, blue spruces, oaks, maples, willows, birches, cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees and others, and he planted rhododendrons, mountain laurels and other flowering shrubs.’
    • ‘A rather frequent example of such an occurrence is that single big blue spruce growing in the middle of a small front lawn and fairly shouting at every passerby.’
    • ‘Where, then, are the blue spruce and Ponderosa pine?’
    • ‘The extinct mammoths ate mainly grasses, sedges, and other riparian plants, salt bush, prickly pear, and even some needles of blue spruce.’
    • ‘Two blue spruces were growing in Joubert Park, together with a ‘smooth-leaved holly bush, a golden cypress, a deodar, a magnificent lime, well-known to the European countryside, and one of the finest oaks in the city, 65 feet high’.’
    • ‘A rustling of blue spruce branches and needles caught Adam's attention, and he looked and saw Ronald peering out from among them.’
    • ‘Colorado or blue spruce is a native of western United States but is extensively planted as an ornamental and Christmas tree in Ohio.’
    • ‘For a dance held midsummer, Preston adds, adult members of the tribe go into the Peaks to collect blue spruce boughs to adorn the kachina dancers, since blue spruce has the magnetic power to bring clouds and moisture.’
    • ‘Dormant oil is not recommended for blue spruce because it may discolor the needles.’
    • ‘Start by putting a little bit of the wood on the fire and be aware that blue spruce, pine and other ever green species will burn hot and fast and the resin will bubble and pop as the wood burns.’
    • ‘We had beautiful, blue spruce trees in our backyard that towered above me, and they cut our property into two circles.’
    • ‘Her hair is flapping like the wings of the crows that scatter upward from their perch atop the blue spruce across the street.’
    • ‘Next morning, I picked up shingles and downspout from the corner that shed them by the big old blue spruce.’
    • ‘He emerged from a thick stand of blue spruce into a large, radiant, high-mountain vale.’
    • ‘Evaporation kept the area near the mud hole several degrees cooler than anywhere else in the yard (except for the pitch-sticky, needly area under the big blue spruces, not a barefoot friendly space).’
    • ‘It was nearly obscured by a cluster of blue spruces.’
    • ‘It's all nice and tidy again now, our blue spruce is bearing new shoots for the first time since we bought it last year, it's still only a foot tall though so I don't think we'll be having Christmas lights on it this year.’
    • ‘There was a flourishing memorial tree, a blue spruce, dedicated to the man, on the lawn outside the Arts Faculty in Sandy Bay.’
    • ‘She would return a number of hours later, dragging a dead blue spruce tree behind her like a deer hunter.’