Definition of bluebird in English:


Pronunciation /ˈblo͞oˌbərd/ /ˈbluˌbərd/

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  • An American songbird of the thrush subfamily, the male of which has a blue head, back, and wings.

    Genus Sialia, subfamily Turdinae, family Muscicapidae: three species, including the eastern bluebird (S. sialis)

    ‘Woodpeckers, screech owls, chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds, tree swallows and some flycatchers need them.’
    • ‘The pair compared data from studies covering 18 different species, including dwarf mongooses, meerkats, Florida scrub jays, western bluebirds, and Australian magpies.’
    • ‘Pigeons are predominant, but, as you explore, you see sparrows and bluebirds and flickers and blue jays and wrens and kestrels and starlings and robins.’
    • ‘The area is home to a variety of other birds, including nesting bald eagles, hawks, owls, bluebirds and several other songbirds, wild turkeys, herons, and waterfowl.’
    • ‘I'll bet if we put meal worms out on a platform - as some folks do during the winter for bluebirds - robins, catbirds and others would gobble them up!’
    • ‘Some of those species include bluebirds, robins, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, wrens, tree and barn swallows, purple martins, owls, flycatchers, and woodpeckers.’
    • ‘Redbirds, bluebirds, robins, bobolinks, scarlet tanagers, Kentucky warblers, and orchard orioles strut and sing like the cast of a turn-of-the-century revue.’
    • ‘By the way, I've been called to task for not mentioning that safflower seed is very popular with cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, doves, house finches, wrens, titmice and even bluebirds.’
    • ‘The Mountain Bluebird is the only bluebird that nests in alpine parkland and high elevation open areas.’
    • ‘These results suggest that male western bluebirds do not make significant adjustments in their share of provisioning when they have evidence of partial paternity loss.’
    • ‘Since bluebirds are cavity nesters, you may be able to entice a pair of bluebirds to raise a family in your yard by providing them with a bluebird box.’
    • ‘House sparrows and starlings seem to not care for the design of the house but tree swallows, bluebirds, chickadees and wrens really like it.’
    • ‘There are anecdotal reports of bluebirds and House Wrens taking over the nests of Ash-throated Flycatchers.’
    • ‘If you haven't attracted bluebirds or tree swallows by late spring, close your box up or take it down, but do not let English sparrows, vicious predators, take over any box.’
    • ‘I discovered that the chickadees had fledged from the bluebird box and bluebirds had started a nest with one egg already laid.’
    • ‘Bermuda's native bluebirds can be seen in the many bluebird boxes lining the golf courses (every course on the island has a monitored bluebird trail).’
    • ‘Five or six birds - doves, robins, bluebirds - had perched on the windowsill, and were affectionately nestling against her hands and arms.’
    • ‘The behaviors that benefit your average female wasp are different from those that benefit the average male wasp, and the same holds for bluebirds or pipefish.’
    • ‘I think the robins and bluebirds will appreciate the feast they offer.’
    • ‘I saw mockingbirds and bluebirds on my slow drive back, but grosbeaks, tanagers, kingbirds, and buntings are apparently not back yet.’


  • Denoting or relating to a period of time characterized by sunny, cloudless weather, typically after a night of snowfall.

    ‘on beautiful bluebird days the girls rode snowmobiles’
    • ‘a week of bluebird skies’
    • ‘it's bluebird, but 50-mile-per-hour winds have closed the gondola’
    • ‘I woke up at about 9 to a bluebird day.’
    • ‘Lets hope for a bluebird week!’
    • ‘The bluebird sky and warm temperatures drew the crowds to the events.’
    • ‘I observed a mid-week storm approaching, with snow levels at 6,000 feet and the forecast for a snap bluebird clearing cycle.’
    • ‘The Sunday finals were eliminated by weather, but rebounded strong with new snow and bluebird conditions at Sugar Bowl, culminating in a spirited weekend of competition.’
    • ‘In 2010 he climbed Sulzfluh in bluebird weather.’
    • ‘As a gloomy morning ramped up to a bluebird afternoon, the Snowboard Halfpipe Championships got under way with 33 competitors.’
    • ‘Overall, 7 of 10 days on the glacier were bluebird.’
    • ‘Eventually, the first start of two more races commenced around two o'clock under bluebird conditions.’
    • ‘No wind and bluebird forecast for Tuesday.’