Definition of bluefish in English:


nounplural noun bluefish, plural noun bluefishes

  • A predatory blue-colored marine fish, which inhabits tropical and temperate waters and is popular as a game fish.

    Pomatomus saltatrix, the only member of the family Pomatomidae

    ‘During my stay I caught plenty of striped bass plus some bluefish and one sea trout.’
    • ‘A lot of small fish will do the job - Spanish mackerel, bluefish - but the preferred bait is the blue runner, also called a hardtail.’
    • ‘It also appears that grouper, sea bass, and bluefish have higher mercury levels than previously measured.’
    • ‘A few weeks after his funeral she had gone to the farmer's market and a young man with dark eyes was selling smoked bluefish, scallops and squid, bottom feeders.’
    • ‘I have hauled in three bluefish from off the coast of Massachusetts.’



/ˈblo͞oˌfiSH/ /ˈbluˌfɪʃ/