Definition of bluepoint in English:



  • A small oyster, in particular one harvested from the oyster beds in Great South Bay, at Blue Point, Long Island. Bluepoints are typically served raw, on the half shell.

    ‘Then we had to haggle over which ones would be best, with him holding out for bluepoints and me insisting on something more exotic from the 18 or so listed on the menu.’
    • ‘The Oysters Rockefeller - four plump bluepoints smothered with spinach, fennel and bread crumbs - were flavored with Pernod and passed under the grill before serving.’
    • ‘We started with Bluepoint oysters that were probably the smallest bluepoints I've ever seen - they were around half the size of the Bluepoints I buy at my local fish market.’
    • ‘We enjoyed discovering the differences between sweet bluepoints from New York, hearty Deer Creek oysters from Washington State with a fine ‘meaty’ flavor; delicate Virginia Chesapeake Bay oysters with just a hint of brine; and sweet, oceanic Canadian Cove oysters, similar in flavor to the bluepoints but showing a firmer, almost chewy texture.’
    • ‘If you order oysters on the half shell, it is likely you will be served bluepoints.’



/ˈblo͞opoint/ /ˈblupɔɪnt/