Definition of blueshift in English:



(also blue shift)
  • The displacement of the spectrum to shorter wavelengths in the light coming from distant celestial objects moving toward the observer.

    Compare with redshift

    ‘In the solar case, plasma motion towards us, which means away from the solar surface, is detected as blue shift in the ultraviolet spectrum, and thus can be used to identify the beginning of the solar wind outflow.’
    • ‘Such binding is detectable by the increase in fluorescence emission intensity and the blue shift in emission wavelength of ANS when bound in nonpolar environments.’
    • ‘The blue shift was discernible on scales of 100 million light-years, or roughly one-hundredth the scale of previous studies.’
    • ‘If the source and observer are moving towards one another, the red shift becomes a blue shift.’
    • ‘This leads to a significant blue shift in the long-wavelength emission band, not in agreement with measurement.’



/ˈblo͞oˌSHift/ /ˈbluˌʃɪft/