Definition of bluestem in English:



  • A coarse North American prairie grass with bluish leaf sheaths, often cultivated as forage.

    Genus Andropogon, family Gramineae

    ‘On the ground are dry-prairie plants, which include wire grass, little bluestem, and Florida paintbrush.’
    • ‘In Missouri, some glades do resemble prairies, with plants that include big and little bluestem, Indian grass, Indian paintbrush, prairie larkspur, purple coneflower, and blazing stars.’
    • ‘Species identification of archaeological specimens is not secure, but big bluestem and switch grass would have been common constituents of mesic bottomland prairies of the American Bottom.’
    • ‘If the above grass species identifications are correct, perhaps there are additional characteristics of big bluestem and switch grass that merit further attention.’
    • ‘The mixture of warm- and cool-season grass pastures was predominantly switchgrass, big bluestem, and smooth brome.’
    • ‘Forages the researchers are working with include native rangeland, winter wheat, Sudan grass, Old World bluestems, and wheatgrasses.’
    • ‘In soils laid down by ancient seas, blue grama, western wheat grass, and little bluestem thrived where deep tree roots cannot take hold.’
    • ‘Warm-season grass pastures were a mix of big and little bluestem, Indian grass, switchgrass, and sideoats grama; grazing began June 8.’
    • ‘Prairie openings contain an array of grasses, including big bluestem, Indian grass, side-oats grama, buffalo grass, and silver bluestem.’
    • ‘On exposed, rocky, south-facing slopes, particularly in the southern Black Hills, the major species are little bluestem, yucca, sagebrush, sand lily, and various gramas and needlegrasses.’
    • ‘A native prairie of black-eyed Susans, Indian grass, big and little bluestem, ladino clover, and other native grasses quilts the 32 acres of bottomground near the river.’
    • ‘Warm season perennial grasses, such as Old World bluestem, bermudagrass, or native grasses, are generally not ready for grazing until approximately May 15.’
    • ‘In the shallow draws between the hills, little bluestem and bunchgrass and western wheatgrass bow in a breath of hot wind, and are still again.’
    • ‘In the mixed-grass prairie, the grass known as little bluestem presents grazers with an in-your-face defense: stiff tillers, or stalks, that a grazer must push through to get to the green leaves.’
    • ‘In southwestern Missouri, switchgrass and caucasian bluestem (an introduced warm-season perennial) are used by beef producers to supplement the tall fescue.’
    • ‘The preferred overwintering sites of adult chinch bugs are dense clumps of native warm-season bunchgrasses such as little bluestem, big bluestem and switchgrass.’
    • ‘The few non-woody species include little bluestem, wintergreen, Virginia tephrosia, wild indigo, tall oatgrass, cowwheat, low frost weed, turkey beard, and bracken fern.’
    • ‘Although birch germination was unaffected by patch type, birch survivorship also was lower in bluestem and aspen than in horsetail.’
    • ‘In areas within bur oak groves where more sunlight could reach the ground, typical full-sun prairie species like little bluestem or big bluestem could be found.’
    • ‘Switchgrass, indiangrass and big bluestem are winter hardy and grow in all areas of Ohio.’



/ˈblo͞ostem/ /ˈblustɛm/