Definition of bluestone in English:



  • 1Any of various bluish or gray building stones.

    ‘Sullivan leveled the top of the slope and installed a lawn, then built stairs of 3-inch-thick, randomly cut chunks of Connecticut bluestone on the base rock.’
    • ‘Adjacent to the lower pool, Sargent placed a patio paved with Connecticut bluestone.’
    • ‘A winding path of bluestone connects the house to the pool and a new patio.’
    • ‘Petite plants don't obstruct views for drivers or pedestrians, and a generous border of bluestone interplanted with bluestar creeper allows guests ample room to open car doors and alight without stepping on the plants.’
    • ‘Dwarf mondo grass edges paths made from bluestone and black Mexican beach pebbles.’
    • ‘Until about 1960, it could fairly have been said that Melbourne's central city buildings were built mainly of bluestone, sandstone, brick, stucco or concrete, with the occasional addition of marble or granite.’
    • ‘The same paving materials, brick and bluestone, are used throughout, but different paving patterns distinguish each area.’
    • ‘Some horse owners prefer dirt floors with bluestone or clay for drainage and traditional straw or sawdust bedding.’
    • ‘A man in Co. Limerick found that blight could be controlled by an application of bluestone and lime, or bluestone and washing soda.’
    • ‘My description might sound a bit mechanistic - it is hard to describe in words - but these ramp spaces look wonderful with sunlight grazing and enlivening the original bluestone and the new glass walling in the late afternoon.’
    • ‘Home at last: the controversial bluestone is laid to rest in the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire.’
    • ‘The river mouth was reinforced by low walls of bluestone in the latter part of the 19th Century and the stone walls hold the river to this day, protecting the boats and supporting the piers.’
    • ‘Slog, slog, slog-with buckets of hot water to break up the ice in the water trough, with loads of cat litter or bluestone to deal with ice or mud, with hay for the pastures.’
    • ‘Built beneath a grandstand of lumpy bluestone, it features honour boards the length of the room and memorabilia cabinets filled with old footy boots and yellowing programs.’
    • ‘To the right of the manor stood some small buildings that were probably used as servants quarters, again made of bluestone.’
    • ‘It stands on a low and unornamented polished granite plinth in the centre of a small square of bluestone which sits flush with the surrounding turf.’
    • ‘Made of dark, impenetrable bluestone, long and narrow like the grave, you might say the feng shui is grim, not the place for a picnic.’
    • ‘It's made of bluestone with gilt decoration, and stands about 1.5m high at the topmost corner.’
    • ‘Pembrokeshire's millennium bluestone has certainly not been associated with luck in the past.’
    • ‘Nor-Carla bluestone is a type of slate quarried exclusively in North Carolina.’
    1. 1.1Any of the smaller stones made of dolerite found in the inner part of Stonehenge.
      ‘The Preseli Hills, source of the Stonehenge bluestones, lie within one of the highly radiogenic areas in which the ‘Boscombe Bowmen’ were born.’
      • ‘The first such structure comprised two concentric circles of bluestones imported from southwest Wales set up around 2500 bc.’
      • ‘Several bluestones in the central oval were removed so that the remaining eleven formed a horseshoe imitating the trilithon setting.’
      • ‘Weighing about four tons and between six and nine feet in height, the bluestones would have been transported 240 miles to the famous site at Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England.’
      • ‘After the ill-fated attempt to drag it to Stonehenge, the notorious bluestone has finally reached its new home on the back of a lorry.’



/ˈblo͞ostōn/ /ˈblustoʊn/