Definition of bluet in English:



  • A low-growing North American plant of the bedstraw family, with small four-petaled flowers and paired leaves. Bluets often grow in large groups.

    Genus Houstonia or 'Hedyotis', family Rubiaceae: several species, especially H. caerulea, with milky-blue or white flowers, and long-leaved bluets (H. longifolia), with white or lavender flowers

    ‘That bluet breaks me up, tiny spring flower late, late in dour October.’
    • ‘He stands as a glad, unnecessary witness to an event - the bluets unseasonable flowering - made possible and then actually made by ‘stamina.’’
    • ‘Those little bluets look so sweet!’
    • ‘I stopped dead in my tracks and grinned real big when I noticed that the lawns are speckled with beautiful little bluets.’
    • ‘The only other large masses of flowers I saw this early in Georgia were little bluets and spring beauties.’



/ˈblo͞oət/ /ˈbluət/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘cornflower’): from Old French bleuet, diminutive of bleu ‘blue’. The word was used in Canada from the mid 18th century to denote a blueberry plant, and in the current sense from the early 19th century.