Definition of bluing in English:



(also blueing)
  • 1mainly historical Blue powder used to preserve the whiteness of laundry.

    ‘Take care when using bluing or laundry bleaches or hair dyes and rinses.’
    • ‘No longer do we have to deal with hot bluing or boiled linseed oil.’
    • ‘Whiteners can be either bleach or bluing agents.’
    • ‘We found out she had used blueing - normally used to whiten linens - in her hair rinse water.’
    • ‘I use liquid fabric softener, added to the cycle at just the right time, yes with bluing for extra whiteness.’
  • 2A grayish-blue finish on metal produced by heating.

    ‘Highly polished bluing - probably the most beautiful of all the finishes - is no longer financially feasible in the small gun shop.’
    • ‘Similarly, when you are retouching worn spots on areas like floor plates, frames or barrels, the color of the original bluing can vary greatly.’
    • ‘Other manufacturers may make rifles with fancier stocks, brighter bluing, better checkering and polishing.’
    • ‘The bluing was worn off both sides of the barrel deep into the silver bare metal, as was the cylinder.’
    • ‘A kid with a real gun was more diligent at cleaning than most folks, so it never got pitted but the bluing was sure rubbed away.’



/ˈblo͞oiNG/ /ˈbluɪŋ/