Definition of blunge in English:


Pronunciation /blənj/ /bləndʒ/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Mix (clay or other materials) with water in a revolving apparatus, for use in ceramics.

    ‘china clays and ball clays are blunged separately’
    • ‘The clay slurry, during the blunging and conditioning operations may include from about 25 to 65% solids.’
    • ‘After the last piece of clay has been put into the blunger, the mix is blunged for two hours.’
    • ‘I break up the clay vessel and take the fragments and blunge them and put them back on the potter's wheel.’
    • ‘This body is blunged as a slip and dried up to plastic on cloth on the ground and aged for developing plasticity.’
    • ‘Crude clays are blunged, sieved and passed over rare earth magnets, then stored in constantly agitated farm tanks.’
    blend, mingle, combine, put together, stir, jumble, merge


Early 19th century blend of blend and plunge.



/blənj/ /bləndʒ/