Definition of boarded in English:


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  • 1(of a floor, roof, or other structure) built with pieces of wood.

    ‘joisted and boarded floors’
    • ‘Government officials had the power to scrape up dried urine from beneath the boarded floors of the stables because it contained saltpetre, a vital ingredient of gunpowder.’
    • ‘Running full speed into the door it swung open easily and I tumbled down the two steps onto a boarded floor, sending up a thick cloud of dust that grayed the air.’
    • ‘He crept over the dusty boarded floor, blindly.’
    • ‘Martin turned back to his digs of last night and saw the girl pushing the boarded door out of her way as she slipped outside.’
    • ‘The boarded threshing floor in the main area of the barn will be reinstated and roof timbers are being replaced.’
    • ‘Further south, in an offshoot of the Beringharjo Market, you find the wooden boarded stalls of the book market.’
    • ‘The only lights left in the room were the moons beaming though the cracks in the boarded shutters.’
    • ‘Within this understairs room there is only a small section of boarded flooring.’
    • ‘Graham spent the bulk of his day today sorting out the junk in the garage, creating a boarded storage loft in the roof space, and separating out a couple of loads of rubbish to go to the recycling centre tomorrow.’
    • ‘She said this as she leaned over a wooden straight-edge boarded fence that was a bit higher than waist-height for her here.’
    • ‘He painted his boarded fence white and then posted signs inviting local graffiti artists to come and paint one panel each.’
    • ‘They took off in the opposite direction, which led to a boarded fence.’
    • ‘She gratefully stepped up onto the boarded path and reached the sidewalk.’
    • ‘Manda went to lift up the covers at the foot of the bed only to see the boarded base at the bottom.’
    • ‘I stood in the open field, west of the big white house with the boarded front door.’
    • ‘Lillian watched her stand on the edge of a gray boarded dock playing with seagulls and a particularly irked crab.’
    1. 1.1(of a window, storefront, or other structure) covered or sealed with pieces of wood.
      ‘boarded windows’
      • ‘It was raining this night, and so I knocked the windows in in this boarded up post office building.’
      • ‘He came out of an alley across from an abandoned, dilapidated office building with boarded up windows and missing blocks from the upper stories.’
      • ‘The building resembled an abandoned building, with boarded windows, extensive graffiti and pieces of concrete crumbling from the walls.’
      • ‘However, his wife, Tammy, didn't share his enthusiasm to return to the closed buildings and boarded windows left after the flood.’
      • ‘His stormy gaze swept over all the buildings until it landed on a run down apartment with boarded up windows and crumbling walls.’
      • ‘A pair of brown eyes peered at him through a boarded up window at the bottom of one of the buildings.’
      • ‘It's an uninhabited cottage with a boarded up window.’
      • ‘I scrape my hand over the metal bars on the boarded up windows and sigh, conscious of the fact that I am shaking like a dog.’
      • ‘Pepe's house is an old run down, small cinema with boarded up windows and graffiti adorning the brick walls.’
      • ‘However, while the boarded up windows are effective in doing what they are intended to do, the whole scene is enough to send one into a deep depression.’
      • ‘Our school is still fantastic inside but from the outside, with its boarded up windows, it appears gloomy, horrible and derelict.’
      • ‘He had decided to take a drive up to Andover and saw the boarded up front window of the general store and the carpenters hanging a new door on a house across the street.’
      • ‘I looked at the two twin beds that caved down in the middle, the boarded up window, the leaky faucet, and the rusty tub and shook my head.’
      • ‘Sunlight streamed in through the cracks of the boarded up windows casting an eerie, but still pleasant glow about the place.’
      • ‘If it was morning then the light coming through the boarded up windows was weak at best.’
      • ‘The leakage had created a crack in the ceiling of this downstairs flat, which also boasted a boarded up broken window.’
      • ‘I was not prepared for the boarded up windows, the collapsed roofs, the empty sidewalks.’
      • ‘It is alive in a boarded up old building, the old jail.’
      • ‘It groaned and stretched as if just being awakened, then slowly took a step out of the once again inanimate pile to peer through the cracks in the boarded window.’
      • ‘Within ten minutes, she was walking past a group of boarded up buildings when she heard yelling.’



/ˈbôrdəd/ /ˈbɔrdəd/