Definition of boardwalk in English:



  • 1A wooden walkway across sand or marshy ground.

    • ‘The trees lined a stone walkway that lead to a wooden boardwalk.’
    • ‘This 55-acre park has a network of boardwalks and walkways that allows species such as the common snipe and the tree swallow to be observed without harming the lush grasses and wetland they thrive in.’
    • ‘The children go to the utterly deserted wooden boardwalk in front of the Chateau Frontenac.’
    • ‘The perimeter fence was restored to keep grazing animals at bay, boardwalks were constructed to permit safe public access, and last year two weirs were built in the main beck.’
    • ‘Next, there's a marshy wetland crossed neatly by an X of mathematical-looking boardwalks.’
    • ‘There's a big visitors' centre at the ‘penguin parade’, and then some rather lovely boardwalks carrying you above the nesting grounds out to the beachside concrete steps.’
    • ‘The development permit application was also related to environmental upgrades and the construction of boardwalks, viewing platforms and tree structures on the west side of the river.’
    • ‘A wetland habitat with reed beds, a boardwalk, bridges and an outdoor classroom will also transform the park encouraging wildlife and the public.’
    • ‘The building of boardwalks at each side, the reinstallation of gas lanterns, the removal of the parapet and the sanding of the bridge were all elements of the project and it must be pursued fully.’
    • ‘A grant of £1000 has been made towards the cost of providing a boardwalk and viewing platform for disabled people at the Butterfly Park.’
    • ‘South Lantau will become home to government-built watersports centres, boardwalks and a bicycle track network which includes a 37-kilometre mountain bike trail.’
    • ‘To minimise any impacts, the construction of boardwalks, car parks and toilets will not be permitted.’
    • ‘New modifications will include speed humps, cycle lanes, zebra crossings, new signs and also a boardwalk on each side of the bridge.’
    • ‘For my children, the highlights are the old railway bridges - seven in all - and the raised boardwalk that snakes round the hillside.’
    • ‘Each island has a museum, walking and hiking trails, wetland boardwalks, and viewing platforms.’
    • ‘Willow Court is a sunken flooded area with willow trees and wetland vegetation, traversed and enclosed by a boardwalk.’
    • ‘"We didn't want to make them fancy, with chipped gravel and all, " says Harold. " We just put in boardwalks in wet spots and cleaned out hazards and deadfalls.’
    • ‘From the flat of the valley rose a nicely engineered path and we went over the boardwalks and down by the river and found, a week early for Easter, and early in the season, a freshly-emptied parchment-brown pheasant egg.’
    • ‘Following paths of moss, twigs, dirt and boardwalks, the trails lead you to works made by Canadian and South American artists.’
    • ‘The new canal-side reserve will include special boardwalks and hides from which the wildlife can be viewed.’
    1. 1.1North American A promenade along a beach or waterfront, typically made of wood.
      • ‘In the bay off New Portland surfers shot up and down waves to the cheers of spectators as Jack walked down the long boardwalk running along the beach.’
      • ‘Eric, Zach and I walked along the boardwalk that fringed the beach, observing the activities ongoing on the beach.’
      • ‘I walk along the beach boardwalk and then drift in and out of shops on the way back to the hotel.’
      • ‘You could go to the beach, walk along the boardwalk and stop for lunch overlooking the ocean.’
      • ‘At Avenue U we grabbed a bus to the west end of Coney Island and started walking along the boardwalk.’
      • ‘It fronted the boardwalk, the beach, and the ocean, looking south toward, Ike thought, the end of the world.’
      • ‘They walked along the boardwalk later that afternoon, shopping bags in one hand, ice cream in the other.’
      • ‘Away from its tawdry sideshows we wander, along the boardwalk that fringes the littered beach and the grey Atlantic that no one swims in.’
      • ‘By the summer of 1906, toy bears attracted crowds of little boys and their parents along boardwalks at the seaside resorts of the Jersey Shore.’
      • ‘We were in one of those buildings by the boardwalk at the beach, where they serve food and stuff.’
      • ‘She turned and walked down the nearest boardwalk down to the beach, making sure her pace was not too quick to summon Cal's suspicion.’
      • ‘We rode the streetcar to the beach and ran along the boardwalk.’
      • ‘To be completed by next July, it will be the largest gambling casino along the boardwalk of Atlantic City.’
      • ‘Behind the glittering facade of large casino/hotels along the boardwalk remain large areas of wasteland where small family hotels and summer houses once stood.’
      • ‘In sound and in spirit, their music casually evokes beaches and boardwalks far more than the dirty harbor of their hometown.’
      • ‘Over the Fourth of July, bodybuilding and swimsuit competitions and various performances will be held along the boardwalk.’
      • ‘Commercial and private sea craft were plentiful nearer the coast and the boardwalk at the beaches was lit up for nighttime visitors.’
      • ‘The heat, fryer grease, and cocoa-buttered throngs along the boardwalk were another world.’
      • ‘They were rifling through a rack of clothes at a shop on the boardwalk.’
      • ‘Instead, we explored the bustling boardwalks of the restored historic dockland, watching boats come and go and keeping an eye out for fur seals.’
      esplanade, front, seafront, parade, walk, boulevard, avenue, walkway, mall