Definition of boat neck in English:

boat neck


  • A type of wide neckline on a garment that passes just below the collarbone.

    ‘she had on a turquoise sweater with a boat neck that exposed her perfect collarbones’
    • ‘How about a nice crew neck sweater to go with those pants… or wait, maybe a boat neck collar would suit you better.’
    • ‘A boat neck collar is great if you want to be different and seen as a trendsetter, but they aren't recommended for conservative and more formal occasions.’
    • ‘The boat neck accentuated her collar bones and the color brought out the golden streaks in her deep brown eyes, the same exact eyes I had.’
    • ‘It was sleeveless, the boat neck complementing the soft curves of her neck and shoulders.’
    • ‘Continuing my inspection, I am pleased to find her wearing a cream boat neck sweater, slightly ribbed with a kangaroo pocket in the front.’
    • ‘I yanked a white boat neck sweater over the gray halter to pair with the pleated gray skirt I was wearing.’
    • ‘Her Audrey Hepburn inspired boat neck black shift dress was a subtle look that women often search for, but cannot find in the shops.’
    • ‘I finally decided on a light pink boat neck shirt, denim skirt and denim jacket with tan sandals.’
    • ‘Purnima and Namrata, engineering students from Jayanagar, prefer pullovers and sweaters with collars and boat necks.’
    • ‘Not yet summer, but close enough that women were finally able to reveal freshly sun-kissed shoulders in freshly bought sleeveless cashmere boat necks.’


boat neck

/ˈbōt ˌnek/ /ˈboʊt ˌnɛk/


Early 20th century from its shape.