Definition of boat train in English:

boat train

Pronunciation /ˈbōt ˌtrān/ /ˈboʊt ˌtreɪn/

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  • A train scheduled to connect with the arrival or departure of a boat.

    ‘Because the ships arrived back in Port Mc.Nicoll at 8 AM on Mondays and Thursdays, the passenger equipment for the southbound boat train laid over at Port, but not the engine and crew.’
    • ‘So, after seeing Heap off on the boat train, she proceeded to Gurdjieff's table at the Cafe de la Paix, where a mixture of audacity and luck netted an invitation to dinner with the teacher.’
    • ‘One time a report came back that actor David Niven was squashed when too many people were booked into his compartment on The Cunarder, the boat train up to London station.’
    • ‘On the boat train to Southampton, Jones and his wife had along as a traveling companion Cyril Tolley, the most formidable, if not the most tactful, of Jones' British opponents.’
    • ‘She was not a very agreeable woman, and sitting on the boat train from London for the last few hours had not helped her mood at all.’
    • ‘Three hours later, five men were arrested at Heysham, Lancashire, after leaving the Irish boat train from Birmingham.’
    • ‘Lady Jenna Marie Smith looked sullenly out of the window of the boat train.’
    • ‘Nicole responded that that was peculiar because they had seen him off on the boat train.’
    • ‘Alternative transport will be provided for Harwich International boat train passengers, but there will be no bus replacements for other cancelled services.’
    • ‘The boat trains and beautiful Pullman carriages are now replaced by the Eurostar.’