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  • Rowing or sailing in boats as a sport or form of recreation.

    ‘There is much enthusiasm for recreational boating and water sports among the middle and upper class in India.’
    • ‘Fronting the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, the county is a center of boating and water sports, including fishing, crabbing, sailing, and swimming.’
    • ‘‘Nowhere else will visitors find such a comprehensive display of boating and water sports products,’ explains event organiser Heidi Warricker.’
    • ‘While there is no scientific data to support this contention, there is evidence that all recreational boating, including sailing, can disturb waterfowl.’
    • ‘Rowing, rafting and boating are also common in this area.’
    • ‘The boating was great sport, but it was also something more.’
    • ‘The chief attraction in the town is recreational boating and swimming at Lake Kaphchagai.’
    • ‘Then, Xiayou's directions were followed by the driver and all went pass the dock security building and finally were lead to a boat dock for commercial boating.’
    • ‘In addition, recreational fishing and boating is intense.’
    • ‘The enthusiasm for recreational boating generated considerable custom for the boatbuilder's trade, and Henry Cunningham had the largest shop in Kingston.’
    • ‘Peter's passion for water and boating led him to purchase a boat last year, which he entered in the rally.’
    • ‘Recreational boating and fishing have returned to what was formerly a mosquito-breeding wasteland.’
    • ‘Improved facilities at Killala would be a boost to local commercial fishermen, to those who used the area for tourist angling and for recreational boating.’
    • ‘The sun was shining bright every day, the windsurfing and boating was fun for all the family (apart from Mr. Branch with his fractured wrist).’
    • ‘At the same time, the popularity of recreational boating has been increasing; a trend that is expected to continue.’
    • ‘The parish council is worried about the visual impact of the hydropower plant and possible conflicts with recreational boating.’
    • ‘Recreational boating has been placed as a high priority as one of our national past times.’
    • ‘Recreational boating on nesting lakes, which can flood nests, may also have a negative impact on populations of Forster's Terns.’
    • ‘The mats snag fishing lines and propellers, making boating, swimming, and other recreational uses impossible.’
    • ‘A large portion of residents living near the US coastline participate in recreational or commercial boating.’



/ˈbōdiNG/ /ˈboʊdɪŋ/