Definition of bobbinet in English:



  • Machine-made cotton net (imitating lace made with bobbins on a pillow).

    ‘Besides lace machines for making bobbinet, Ipswich's hand-powered lace shops also held several framework knitting machines.’
    • ‘These features make bobbinet ideal for many technical applications including; parachutes and military decoys.’
    • ‘All of the embroidered nettings featured here are cotton embroidery on cotton bobbinet unless otherwise noted.’
    • ‘Because of its bobbinet structure, the material can be hung either way.’
    • ‘Genuine bobbinet tulle is constructed by warp and weft yarns in which the weft yarn is looped diagonally around the vertical warp yarn to form a hexagonal mesh which is regular and clearly defined.’
    • ‘The mesh created replicates to a certain extent the bobbinet look.’
    • ‘The material is much less strong, but offers a cheap alternative to traditional bobbinet.’
    • ‘She selects rich, evocative fabrics like rayon satin, silk and rayon blend velvet, Merino wool and the delicate veil-like textile bobbinet.’
    • ‘Our most transparent screening solution is silver-plated (non-allergenic) bobbinet material’
    openwork, lacework, tatting, netting, net, tulle, meshwork, mesh, webbing



/ˌbäbəˈnet/ /ˌbɑbəˈnɛt/