Definition of bobble hat in English:

bobble hat


  • A close-fitting knitted hat with a pom-pom at the top.

    ‘he was never without his striped top, bobble hat, walking stick, and glasses’
    • ‘He was encased in a huge padded jacket topped with luminous orange bobble hat.’
    • ‘Bob still insists on wearing his bobble hat.’
    • ‘We were all wearing overcoats, scarves, and bobble hats.’
    • ‘He is always relieved when I finally discard my winter scarf, gloves, and bobble hat, usually towards the end of May.’
    • ‘I've not yet resorted to a bobble hat in bed, though if it gets much colder I'll be tempted.’
    • ‘He looks like a fan in his red and white bobble hat, but all the evidence suggests his heart is not in football.’
    • ‘I had my Oxford team bobble hat on and I pulled it down deep over my eyebrows.’
    • ‘I pointed out a man who's pushing 80 and is wearing a red dragon bobble hat.’
    • ‘He clearly isn't pulling on a bobble hat and getting out to the slopes often enough.’
    • ‘He is the only one in jeans, a bobble hat, and a trendy but out-of-place leather jacket.’
    • ‘As he performed the piece with due academic solemnity Renos gradually removed his jacket, put on his scarf, donned a red and white bobble hat and finally revealed himself as the rabid Arsenal supporter he in fact is!’
    • ‘Outside the walls are lined with dubious-looking characters with bobble hats and binoculars hanging from their necks.’
    • ‘A Wolves victory over Manchester United is the type of result that must leave the professors and mathematicians tearing off their bobble hats and hitting themselves over the head.’
    • ‘One of them was wearing a red and white bobble hat, and I remember thinking it odd that a Derry City supporter should be standing up on the walls.’
    • ‘Fans wore scarves and bobble hats and carried rattles to matches, and players ate orange quarters at half-time.’
    • ‘The steward was huddled in his padded yellow fluorescent jacket and black woolly bobble hat.’
    • ‘Nowhere else do tall men in bobble hats stand directly in front of you.’
    • ‘I look back at the woman, who was shivering despite her bobble hat and jacket.’
    • ‘She knitted a whole bobble hat during the first episode’