Definition of bobblehead in English:



(also bobblehead doll)
  • A figurine with a disproportionately large head mounted on a spring so that it bobs up and down, often made as a caricature of a famous person.

    ‘the first 20,000 fans at Saturday's game were given bobbleheads of his likeness’
    • ‘the former goalie was honored with a bobblehead doll’
    • ‘One of my friends wanted to send me a Yankee bobblehead.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, 24 bids had been placed on the Seabiscuit bobblehead, including one for $44.’
    • ‘He is a paper mannequin, making his appearances, nodding and smiling like a bobblehead, saying nothing.’
    • ‘The whole of the Stadium is banging its collective head, like 55,000 bobbleheads bobbing in unison.’
    • ‘Five years later, Alexander has manufactured over 18 million bobbleheads in more than 5,000 characters.’
    • ‘This is disturbing: The Wizards gave away Gilbert Arenas bobbleheads last night for their game against the Warriors.’
    • ‘He doesn't make fun of me for having bobble-head baseball dolls!’
    • ‘The Ford Senior Players Championship gives out Gary McCord bobble-head dolls; Nike comes out with three versions of Tiger Woods bobble-head dolls.’
    • ‘Her head snapped up like a child's bobble-head toy.’
    • ‘Schwarzenegger wants to put a stop to charity bobble-head dolls in his likeness.’
    • ‘In exchange, they got a bobble-head doll of the candidate of their choice.’
    • ‘We want leaders, not bobble-head dolls who nod their assent to whatever the administration tells them to do.’
    • ‘We know Elvis would not disapprove of the tens of thousands of impersonators, the velvet paintings, the collector plates, the bobble-heads.’
    • ‘The blonde grinned and her friends kept nodding like brainless bobble-heads.’
    • ‘The bobble-heads are hardly incisive political commentary, but they do send a message that Schwarzenegger ought not be taken too seriously.’
    • ‘Right of publicity law protects their names and likenesses, at least against certain uses (which likely do include bobble-heads, though I think the First Amendment should preempt that sort of claim).’



/ˈbäbəlˌhed/ /ˈbɑbəlˌhɛd/