Definition of bocce in English:



mass noun
  • An Italian game similar to bowls but played on a shorter, narrower green.

    • ‘And we'll head south as well, to a school in Melbourne, where students are learning all manner of sports not usually of interest to Australian teenagers, like bocce, the Italian bowls game.’
    • ‘The Italian sport of bocce, lawn bowling with heavy metal balls, is a popular pastime.’
    • ‘Originating in the south of France, petanque is a game similar to lawn bowls, or the Italian bocce.’
    • ‘Golds were won for boccia (a game similar to indoor bowling), plus men's 200m sprint, and wheelchair fencing events.’
    • ‘When you play cards or boccia, or games in the family, there is always a winner and a loser.’
    • ‘The competition will include athletics, basketball, boccia, football, hockey, netball, rugby league, rugby union, tennis and cycling.’
    • ‘It is a distant cousin of horseshoes and a close relative of bocce, but Petanque requires no specially prepared court - it can be played on most outdoor surfaces at any time.’
    • ‘But the attempt was thwarted when the Russians landed in the town and found it full of aging, hairy, flabby Italian men playing bocce.’
    • ‘James Jennings, an athlete, said he took part in ten pin bowling and bocce.’
    • ‘Petanque may be the only sport inspired by a disability - that of Jules LeNoir, who in 1910 was a dedicated player of boules, a French game much like bocce ball.’
    • ‘Last year they won the under-11 boys' hockey, were runners-up in the under-11 athletics and took the Fair Play awards in boccia, hockey, netball and rugby league.’
    • ‘While the vast majority of bocce games are played in area back yards, enthusiasts welcome the new courts in Occidental Park.’
    • ‘Among the sports the athletes will play are athletics, aquatics, tennis, five-a-side football, volleyball and bocce.’
    • ‘The charity Scope is piloting a game for people with cerebral palsy called bocce, which is similar to the French game of boules.’
    • ‘After months of training, the team is set to win in bocce, football and tack and field.’
    • ‘Maybe, but after the game, we did kick their butts in bocce.’
    • ‘They made tables and seats for the ladies, and they often come here and play bingo while the men are playing bocce.’
    • ‘A type of bowling played on clay court called bocce is popular in small towns.’
    • ‘St Lucia first participated in bocce at the 2000 North Carolina World Games.’
    • ‘Gabriel, who suffers from cerebral palsy, will represent his country in the discipline known as boccia.’


Italian, ‘bowls’, plural of boccia ‘ball’.



/ˈbɒtʃeɪ/ /ˈbɒtʃi/