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  • 1 informal A body or physique.

    • ‘shake your bod’
    • ‘Roger was proud of his bod’
    • ‘To feel better about your bod, Tootsie suggests using your body for something you love, like dancing or running.’
    • ‘Without telling anyone, she would work out and kick her bod into shape, even if it meant sneaking in workouts before or after work.’
    • ‘If you stop applying force to your frame by focusing on low-impact sports, you'll build muscle, but your bod will assume that it can slow down bone maintenance.’
    • ‘Besides, big breasts and buff bods aren't necessarily beautiful.’
    • ‘These lads out-diet, out-exercise and out-preen even the most dedicated Hollywood starlet in their bid for the biggest muscles, leanest bods and the most well-defined six pack.’
    • ‘Drawing on his work as an architect, von Berg placed more nude bods next to more famous landmarks, among them the Sydney Opera House.’
    • ‘The whole secret appeal of the super hero isn't so much their buffed up bods and superpowers, although those are nice too.’
    • ‘Hot bods strut their stuff on TV trying their best to garner as many positive sentiments as possible.’
    • ‘You can be 150% fit in the bod, but weak in the head.’
    • ‘It's a rare occasion that I can consciously recall getting up, lugging my bod into the shower, shoveling some toast in my cakehole and lumbering out the door.’
    • ‘He gradually peels off his suit while giving a history lesson on how he came to have G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) tattooed on his perfect bod.’
    • ‘I type in their contact details and wonder who will be my contacts when I'm old and grey and need someone to come over and pick up my wrinkly bod when I've fallen over in the garden.’
    • ‘Stunning Demi Moore reveals her toned bod in Charlie's Angels.’
    • ‘Spend a lot of time reassuring this woman that you see beyond the bod and aren't just another voyeur looking to put another notch on your stripper pole.’
    • ‘And if you're looking for a kissable bod, try getting some honey lotion or powder’
    • ‘Of course, I don't look like Harrison Ford with his athletic bod, trim waist and daunting musculature.’
    • ‘I took myself offline for a couple of days - the ole bod has decided it has had enough and succumbed to a flu-like thing.’
    • ‘I really should just love the bod I've been given and just get comfortable in my own skin like the gals at my gym seem to be comfy in theirs.’
    • ‘After a glorious hour and a half of pampering, I was now free take my newly purified bod back to the office, where I found myself downing large quantities of water.’
    • ‘I firmly believe my poor little bod is falling apart at the seams.’
    anatomy, figure, frame, form, shape, build, physique, framework, skeleton, bones, flesh and bones
    1. 1.1mainly British A person.
      ‘some clever bod wrote a song about them’
      • ‘Collect enough tokens and you can go into the draw to be cryogenically preserved, and thawed out in the future when clever bods with high foreheads work out how to bring people back to life.’
      • ‘This has led to Polish bakers baking bread in Poland and selling it in Berlin each day because they cannot bake it in the city. or so a legal bod writes in a letter to The Times.’
      • ‘Some clever bods have come up with a mobile phone that will give its Muslim owner five daily prayer-time reminders, and point the faithful in the direction of Mecca.’
      • ‘The named individuals, presumably marketing bods, are deemed responsible for organising the flyposting.’
      • ‘Unlike a painting, a unique imprint of one person's individual brush, these modern bods tend to describe exactly what they want, then get it made.’
      • ‘He finds most of the dishes on offer are ‘bland and boring, put together to please the egos of the bods in the kitchen rather than the paying customer’.’
      • ‘They are just ordinary bods and, like ordinary bods the world over, they have affairs.’
      • ‘Like helpless bods clinging to a leaky wreck somewhere between Indonesia and Australia, we were willing to grasp any straw floating past, as drowning people are wont to do.’
      • ‘What is the point of all these watchdog bods enforcing this and that disclosure when management can just turn around and hand you a company flier sans any relevant disclosure?’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the singular achievement of the left in recent years has been to let itself get annoyed by, and even hostile to, the ordinary bods for whom it should be working.’
      • ‘Dianne Thompson, the Ley's outside relations bod, is keen to emphasise the five themes of the Ley: timetable, therapy, work, hierarchy, and activity.’
      • ‘That's according to the author of said book, Susie Dent, dictionary mistress on Countdown and general lexicographical bod referred to in a report in today's Guardian.’
      • ‘The pretence is that the branch's top bod has spent the last month patiently sifting through hundreds of new titles, and now has alighted on a neglected gem: a book so good you have simply got to read it.’
      • ‘They work so hard to earn a meagre living - and then some bod from the Office of Fair Trading comes up with a scheme to benefit the consumer, and cut down city centre crime, and it all goes up in smoke.’
      • ‘One such bod was commenting that he thought that the ancients had erected Pentre Ifan because it was aesthetically pleasing and fitted in with the surrounding landscape.’
      • ‘A British Consulate bod was due to go to Helsinki anyway.’
      • ‘Some marketing bod in New Zealand has dubbed this trip Mission Impossible.’
      • ‘Thus, once legislation has been approved by the appropriate Community bod, little can be achieved by parliamentary means.’
      • ‘I'm a studious kind of bod and I like my subject, but what with one thing and another I'm a bit on the overwhelmed side here, and I could really do with some help.’
      • ‘I'm a south wales bod, who, though not old enough to actually vote for it went out and canvassed for the Assembly.’
      person, individual, creature, fellow, man, woman



/bäd/ /bɑd/

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  • Biochemical oxygen demand.