Definition of bodice-ripper in English:



  • A sexually explicit romantic novel or movie with a historical setting.

    • ‘Girl With A Pearl Earring is not a film that makes haste, nor is it a bodice-ripper (its most explicit scene occurs as Griet gets her ear pierced).’
    • ‘Their story is the very stuff of a Bollywood bodice-ripper.’
    • ‘It's fine to compare the Brontës with bodice-rippers.’
    • ‘The authors, Gretchen Peters and Aleem Agha, no ages given, must have cut their teeth writing bodice-rippers for the pulp market.’
    • ‘Gainsborough bodice-rippers such as The Wicked Lady and The Seventh Veil had established him as the man audiences loved to hate.’
    • ‘This bodice-ripper is set in the drab confines of Charenton Asylum, when Sade was slung for his many indiscretions.’
    • ‘Full of juicy, true-life scandal and right royal intrigue, The Affair of The Necklace has all the makings of a sizzling period drama or at the very least a decent bodice-ripper.’
    • ‘His steamy bodice-ripper, Hard Grinding, has already featured on the soap and led to calls to bookshops from viewers who thought it was real.’
    • ‘Now that was a bodice-ripper: passionate, crazed and outrageously overwrought.’
    • ‘His character Hutchwright is the author of Hard Grinding, the steamy bodice-ripper being read by the book club.’
    • ‘I kind of had an idea that I would write a bodice-ripper and get the big advance but I couldn't do it.’
    • ‘It's the pronghorn equivalent of a bodice-ripper, and a natural history lover's delight.’
    • ‘During the summer, many of us avail ourselves of giant blockbuster books, bodice-rippers and techno-thrillers, tomes about the size of a brick with the sustenance of cotton candy.’
    • ‘This allows them to do something finer than the bodice-ripper promised by promo-photograph: Firth making to kiss Johansson over the tag line, ‘Beauty inspires obsession.’’
    • ‘It's a literary mystery, an English thesis with the heart of a bodice-ripper.’
    • ‘The result is as far removed from your typical bodice-ripper as it is from typical Anne Rice.’
    • ‘This happy modulation is what made his 900-plus-page historical bodice-ripper, The Crimson Petal and the White, more than just faux-Victorian erotica.’
    • ‘Kitten is like the heroine in a bodice-ripper romance, or perhaps a Catholic martyr: beautiful, passive, steadfast, and awaiting rescue.’
    • ‘A pioneer of montage, the always vigorous Gance had a special genius for depicting the sweep of history, but this bodice-ripper did not have the budget to rival the monumental scale of his 1927 Napoléon.’
    • ‘Despite Gabaldon's insistence that her books aren't romances, her earliest readers were, in fact, bodice-ripper fans - or, at the very least, people who enjoy juicy descriptions of bedroom gymnastics.’



/ˈbädəsˌripər/ /ˈbɑdəsˌrɪpər/