Definition of body armor in English:

body armor


  • Clothing worn by military and police personnel to protect against gunfire.

    ‘With his hands handcuffed behind his back, he was flanked in the dock by seven police officers wearing body armour and thick black gloves.’
    • ‘That meant equipping police forces with body armor and rifles, instead of just badges and handguns.’
    • ‘At the raid in Glasgow, police officers wearing full body armour arrived at Rosemount Street, Royston.’
    • ‘The man was eventually dragged handcuffed from a block of flats in Malton's Railway Street, by four police officers wearing full body armour.’
    • ‘The Home Office recommends body armour for police officers on potentially dangerous operations, but it does not require it to be worn.’
    • ‘Gunshots were heard as elite police officers in body armour ran into the building where the man and the hostages had been holed up.’
    • ‘At one stage, there were 13 police officers in body armour in the dock.’
    • ‘If the protesters manage to get past the riot police, a cadre of MPs and soldiers in riot gear and body armor meet them.’
    • ‘Weighed down with weapons, equipment, helmets and body armour, they patrol in temperatures that can reach the high 60s.’
    • ‘Why are our police not being given body armour such as this?’
    • ‘He was caught wearing body armour when stopped by police last year and was convicted of causing criminal damage after defacing a prison cell wall.’
    • ‘Many police firearm instructors wear body armor as a matter of course.’
    • ‘Aloft in the turret, Mitchell counts on the additional protection of his body armor.’
    • ‘Each tanker on the ground needs to be equipped with the best available body armor and protective equipment.’
    • ‘Personal body armor is mostly from indigenous Swedish origin and have been battle proven in Bosnia.’
    • ‘The shots hit both shoulders near the collar bone, where his body armor didn't protect him.’
    • ‘If the Pentagon wanted to buy Interceptor body armor for every servicemember on active duty, it could.’
    • ‘As soon as you put Interceptor body armor on, you lose the utility of all your pockets.’
    • ‘Larry Ellison, founder and chief executive of Oracle Corp, collects Samurai body armor.’
    • ‘However, ask any soldier shot in the chest if his body armor is worth it, and he will tell you it saved his life.’


body armor

/ˈbädē ˈärmər/ /ˈbɑdi ˈɑrmər/