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body image

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  • A person's subjective picture or mental image of their own body.

    ‘he says in the magazine that he struggled with his body image growing up’
    • ‘she talked candidly about her body image while taking part in a glamorous new shoot’
    • ‘Although girls getting plastic surgery is a big deal, it stems from bad body image and low self-esteem.’
    • ‘I'm studying gender and body image in the context of romantic relationships.’
    • ‘Both were protests against bulimia and the culture's notion of body image.’
    • ‘When a child is forever changed by a traumatic event, she or he must learn to live with their altered body image.’
    • ‘My mom taught me all the warning signs of eating disorders and how important it is to have a good body image.’
    • ‘Secondly, it is overly simplistic to say that media images alone cause women's body image to change.’
    • ‘Previous literature indicates that women place greater importance on their own body image than do males.’
    • ‘Cash and his colleagues viewed body image as being composed of perceptual and attitudinal dimensions.’
    • ‘Young women with bulimia nervosa are motivated by excessive concern with weight, shape and body image.’
    • ‘The main areas are smoking, alcohol and the dreaded body image.’
    • ‘I was talking to a friend yesterday about women and body image.’
    • ‘A healthy body image means wanting to look and feel good while avoiding unrealistic expectations.’
    • ‘Most people don't know the pervasiveness of distorted body image until they've thrown themselves into the thick of it.’
    • ‘Once each factor had been examined separately, the four-factor model of body image was tested.’
    • ‘Both groups, however, demonstrated social concerns about their body weight and body image.’
    • ‘Miranda's body image and sexuality have nothing to do with this.’
    • ‘She trotted out her usual guff about how she's so happy with her body image now - although she's been saying that for years, hasn't she?’
    • ‘In fact, exercise of any kind will help you keep the weight off and will boost your self-esteem and body image.’
    • ‘Teenage girls who have a poor body image are four times more likely to start smoking than girls who do not have such concerns.’
    • ‘When it comes to talking about body image, women of color with smaller frames are often left out of the discussion.’