Definition of body lotion in English:

body lotion

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  • A moisturizing lotion for the body.

    ‘I smothered myself in scented body lotion’
    • ‘Pulling her silk robe more tightly around her, Olivia pads over to her night table to pick up a bottle of body lotion.’
    • ‘Insects are attracted to brightly coloured clothes and strong perfume and body lotion.’
    • ‘Pat dry and follow with an application of coconut oil, shea butter or natural body lotion.’
    • ‘Each scent's set includes 5 fl. oz. of Shower Gel and 8.4 fl. oz. of both the Body Spray and Body Lotion.’
    • ‘Also, if you don't already, slather on a body lotion regularly.’
    • ‘I do add a big bottle of hand and body lotion, especially if I'm somewhere hot.’
    • ‘Both the lipstick and the body lotion seemed quite nice.’
    • ‘Use both the body wash and body lotion, then just a dab of perfume.’
    • ‘The range includes a bath gel and body lotion which, when used together, produce a subtle waft of pure femininity.’
    • ‘Many hand and body lotions, facial creams, soaps and depilatories contain honey, which can be used on sensitive skin.’
    • ‘With SPF popping up in everything from foundations to body lotions to lip balms, it's even easier to keep harmful sun rays at bay.’
    • ‘This body lotion will make you look radiant.’
    • ‘Rub some body lotion on your skin.’
    • ‘Other ways to utilize these oils are to make blends for the bath, hand cream and body lotion.’
    • ‘After your sweat session, rinse off in a cool shower and apply a generous amount of body lotion to damp skin.’