Definition of body man in English:

body man


informal North American
  • A political leader's personal aide or assistant.

    • ‘On NBC's "The West Wing," President Josiah Bartlet treated his body man, Charlie Young, like a son.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the IHT profiles Obama's "body man" Reggie Love.’
    • ‘What a body man does depends on the politician.’
    • ‘They leave Mallory glancing across the light table at her young assistant, Paul Winter, just out of college but a capable body man.’
    • ‘Love, 26, the handsome young "body man" to Obama during the campaign, will be at the president's side for much of the day.’
    • ‘They would say that he was a close associate and a body man for him.’
    • ‘As body man, Mr. Gottesman worked closely with Mr. Hagin, gaining an intimate familiarity with the scheduling and advance operations he will now supervise.’
    • ‘In Berlin, the tabloid Bild sent an attractive blonde reporter to stalk Obama at the Ritz-Carlton gym as he exercised with his body man, Reggie Love.’
    • ‘During the four years he spent as President Bush's "body man," or personal aide, Blake Gottesman acquired an eclectic set of job skills.’
    • ‘He also admitted that he didn't know exactly what was in those blue boxes with ribbons that his body man, Reggie Love, was toting for world leaders.’
    • ‘While his trade was a body man, it was not his habitual trade.’
    • ‘He is not the first former body man to parlay the job into bigger things.’
    • ‘He sets national strategy, helps write the ads and raise the money, approves every expense and even plays body man at events, clearing Huckabee's way through the crowd.’
    • ‘First, he is an elitist who has a butler (actually a body man, as any viewer of the West Wing could have told you).’
    • ‘Mr. Love, 26, is Mr. Obama's body man, the personal aide who shadows the senator and anticipates everything he needs and everything he does not need.’
    • ‘At a rally in Charlotte, Barack Obama recently thanked his body man, a 26-year-old former Duke basketball player, whose duties include playing with the senator, and other tasks.’
    assistant, helper, adviser, right-hand man, attaché, adjutant, deputy, second, second in command, lieutenant, wingman, acolyte, auxiliary, companion, confidante