Definition of body politic in English:

body politic


usually the body politic
  • The people of a nation, state, or society considered collectively as an organized group of citizens.

    ‘individual dissent was considered necessary to the health of the body politic’
    • ‘This is a poison spreading through the body politic of the country.’
    • ‘Lying on such a scale has a definite impact on the body politic.’
    • ‘Graham, for his own reasons, has touched a nerve in the body politic.’
    • ‘The particular task assigned to these forces is to stir up everything backward and poisonous in the body politic.’
    • ‘The results give certain indications about the state of the body politic.’
    • ‘Whatever the outcome of this election these structural pressures will not cease to operate on the body politic.’
    • ‘At the heart of the rifts within the body politic is an enormous growth of social inequality.’
    • ‘In this regard, his treatment of the theme of the body politic, native land or motherland is instructive.’
    • ‘It commences with a promise that the body politic and organised religion will be shielded from each other's influence.’
    • ‘If it is true that a nation state can be seen as an individual then the body politic of the UK needs love, care, attention and a hefty dose of therapy.’
    • ‘Livy, however, did not go to any great lengths to establish parallels between the body politic and organic analogous equivalents.’
    • ‘The formal war is over, but the afterburn sears into the body politic of both aggressor powers.’
    • ‘Certainly we do respectfully submit that citizenship is not a necessary condition of membership of the body politic.’
    • ‘That kind of commitment is one sign of the health of the body politic.’
    • ‘The lifeblood of democracy is the free flow of information for the body politic.’
    • ‘This is, I think, a paradigm of the body politic as a liberal conceives it.’
    • ‘When the phrase was first coined the three estates of the body politic were the lords, the clergy and the commons.’
    • ‘In seeking an explanation for the ills that afflicted the body politic, contemporaries looked naturally to the health of its head, the King.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is drawing its strength from the long list of health panics that have infected the body politic in recent years.’
    • ‘The divide between the body politic and the country at large has rarely yawned so wide.’


body politic

/ˈˌbädē ˈpälətik/ /ˈˌbɑdi ˈpɑlətɪk/