Definition of body wrap in English:

body wrap


  • A type of beauty treatment intended to result in a reduction in body measurements, involving the application of skin-cleansing ingredients to the body, which is then wrapped in hot bandages.

    • ‘The Oscar-winning actress booked herself in for a range of treatments including a seaweed body wrap while staying at London's exclusive Dorchester hotel.’
    • ‘She hit the spa first, and had a facial, pedicure, and a body wrap.’
    • ‘Match your Austrian adventure in the spa with a moor mud soak in the hydrotherapy tub or with a peat body wrap followed with a sauna treatment.’
    • ‘You need to remember that the body wrap is a firming and toning process that produces results by detoxifying and contouring flesh.’
    • ‘Visitors to the health farm can avail of treatments such as an aromatherapy and Swedish massage, a detox body wrap, a seaweed wrap, aqua detox, an ozone bath, a facial or a pedicure.’
    • ‘There are three new treatments using a combination of ingredients including the flower power massage, dragon fruit scrub and an organic body wrap.’
    • ‘This thought came to me while I was in a spa, trying out a herbal body wrap that promised to help me shed a few pounds.’
    • ‘At the spa you can do everything, from a relaxing Swedish massage to a moor-mud body wrap.’
    • ‘I'm telling you - that avocado seaweed moisturizing body wrap will make you feel like a new man!’
    • ‘The highlight of the day was the dark chocolate body wrap.’
    • ‘If you've never tried a seaweed detox body wrap, I can highly recommend it!’
    • ‘In the private treatment rooms you can enjoy a massage, body scrub, body wrap or reflexology session.’
    • ‘For instance, if you are playing up the Asian arts, you may want to theme your spa around Asian-styled treatments like bamboo body wraps and Asian forms of massage.’
    • ‘Hopper's specialties are the body wraps, pedicures and oxygen facials.’
    • ‘Treatments will range from Swedish relaxation massages to alpine salt body wraps.’
    • ‘For those who fancy pampering there are facials, body wraps, mud baths, massages, leg waxes and pedicures to be had.’
    • ‘Body suits, body wraps or any methods that promote profuse sweating do not lead to increased fat loss.’
    • ‘In the 19th century Britain's health spas were at the forefront of a booming European industry and boasted a variety of body wraps, such as peat, clay or mineral salts.’
    • ‘For total self-indulgence, the resort has a 55-foot yacht that sails off into the ocean for two hours of body wraps and massage.’
    • ‘They offer mineral-rich mud to apply as body wraps which purify the blood and loosen up the joints.’