Definition of bodysnatching in English:




See bodysnatcher

‘However, after two years marked by ‘scandalous behavior, ‘he was forced to flee at night due to a ‘serious incident, ‘rumored to have involved bodysnatching from a local cemetery.’’
  • ‘There shouldn't be any displacement or bodysnatching, although he isn't morally opposed to those kinds of things happening.’
  • ‘But if American freedom of information legislation is now allowing some of the story belatedly to emerge, the whole truth about the extent of British-American bodysnatching is unlikely ever to become public knowledge.’
  • ‘The Resurrection Club repeated the split narrative trick, mixing up bodysnatching in 19th century Edinburgh with a satire on public relations and the Festival, but was not so well received.’
  • ‘We hired an expensive law firm to look up the law of bodysnatching.’



/ˈbädēˌsnaCHiNG/ /ˈbɑdiˌsnætʃɪŋ/