Definition of bogus caller in English:

bogus caller


  • A person who visits or phones someone under false pretenses, typically for the purpose of theft or fraud.

    ‘a bogus caller preyed on an elderly deaf woman by claiming to be a carer’
    • ‘Police have welcomed news of a dramatic drop in the number of people falling victim to bogus callers.’
    • ‘An elderly man who thought he was doing a young couple a favour became the target of a new breed of bogus callers.’
    • ‘Gloucestershire police are backing a campaign to curb the menace of bogus callers.’
    • ‘Nursery children have been helping their grandparents to combat bogus callers by designing warning posters.’
    • ‘Police are appealing for information on a trio of young bogus callers who stole money from a pensioner in Braintree.’
    • ‘A bogus caller has conned a 93-year-old woman out of £800.’
    • ‘Bogus callers are using a new scam to trick their way into the homes of elderly people in Chelmsford.’
    • ‘A bogus caller was stopped in his tracks by a brave elderly woman who refused to let him in.’
    • ‘Officers were still trying to establish whether the men were genuine officials or if they were bogus callers.’
    • ‘Residents are being warned to be on their guard after bogus callers struck four times in the same day.’
    • ‘Anyone with information on the identity of any bogus callers should call Crimestoppers.’
    • ‘Bogus callers can appear to be very credible.’
    • ‘None of us can tell at first glance whether the person is a genuine doorstep seller or, in fact, a bogus caller who is simply trying to get into our home.’
    • ‘Bogus callers sometimes work in pairs.’
    • ‘There are a few simple steps you can take to keep the bogus callers out and prevent yourself from being taken in by their act.’
    • ‘I'm always very wary of bogus callers so I called my daughter and she phoned the police for me.’
    • ‘Bogus callers succeed because they sound believable, so don't be fooled.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, those at greatest risk from a bogus caller are the most vulnerable in our communities, such as the very elderly and those who live on their own.’
    • ‘Bogus callers will often work in teams, so while one person distracts you the other is stealing your processions.’
    • ‘Bogus callers are despicable criminals, often preying on elderly people.’