Definition of Bohr theory in English:

Bohr theory


  • A theory of the structure of atoms stating that electrons revolve in discrete orbits around a positively charged nucleus and that radiation is given off or absorbed only when an electron moves from one orbit to another.

    ‘It then had a major impact on having quantum theory and the Bohr theory of the atom accepted by the British scientific community.’
    • ‘The solutions of the theory's wave equation for hydrogen match exactly the predictions of the Bohr theory.’
    • ‘Along with this excellent agreement with observation, the Bohr theory has an appealing aesthetic feature.’
    • ‘The Bohr theory was a marvellous success in explaining the spectrum of the hydrogen atom.’
    • ‘At first some refinements to the Bohr theory seemed to account for such results, but their brightness could not be accounted for.’


Named for Danish physicist Niels Bohr (see Bohr, Niels).