Definition of boliviano in English:


nounplural noun bolivianos

  • The basic monetary unit of Bolivia (1863–1962 and since 1987), equal to 100 centavos or cents.

    ‘Solares said that the minimum salary needs to be raised from 440 bolivianos to 3,000 bolivianos a month.’
    • ‘The senior workers are demanding that the government grant them a minimum pension of 1,000 bolivianos a month.’
    • ‘The next day we lurched out of the last depressed mining town, past mountains of slag dug into hideous goblin-warrens by workers who rinse tin ore from crushed rock for as little as one boliviano a day.’
    • ‘The market, La Cancha, is one of the biggest in South America, sprawling widely, selling everything from bikes to fabric, vegetables and coca leaves.’
    • ‘A Central Bank report acknowledged that the average rate of the devaluation of the boliviano was 4.5 percent between 1993 and 1995, and 5.5 percent between 1996 and 1998.’



/bəˌlivēˈänō/ /bəˌlɪviˈɑnoʊ/


Spanish, literally ‘Bolivian’, from Bolivia.