Definition of bolt-on in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbōl tˈän/ /ˌboʊl tˈɑn/


  • (of an extra part of a machine) able to be fastened on with a bolt or catch.

    ‘a bolt-on accessory available for most 35 mm SLRs’
    • ‘I estimate the car to be a 1956 model and an American export car complete with bolt-on wheels.’
    • ‘Well it seems like the boy racers spend a huge fistful of money on cool neon lights, mag wheels and bolt-on performance products - but do they get down and dirty?’
    • ‘More rumor on the dusty street pointed to a new integrated disc brake mount (no more heavy bolt-on unit).’
    • ‘Valeo describes it as a bolt-on unit that uses existing alternator engine mountings.’
    • ‘A bolt-on front end structure minimizes low-speed crash damage, and - along with the split rear fender - helps keep insurance costs in check.’
    • ‘Bolt-on armour plates provide protection against 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds and 152 mm artillery shell fragments from a range of more than 10m.’
    • ‘The upscale LX trim level adds color-keyed bodyside molding, bolt-on wheel covers, a passenger-side vanity mirror, a cargo cover for the wagon, and upgraded upholstery.’
    • ‘Its intelligent bolt-on (IBO) chassis was developed with UK design house Eldon for analogue TVs, but it can be used to add digital capability.’
    • ‘The bumper itself is re-shaped and finished in dark grey to match the bolt-on, over-size wheel flares that cover the new five-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels.’
    • ‘The new car also has bolt-on end structures to reduce both the time and cost of crash repair.’
    • ‘The bolt-on stereo speakers are surprisingly good.’


  • An extra part that can be fastened onto a machine with a bolt or catch.

    ‘the bike's bolt-ons were worth more than the asking price’
    • ‘Built off a 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible, it featured genuinely interesting bodywork and some wild engine bolt-ons.’
    • ‘Included with the sale is the car's original owner's manual and some detailed component manuals for the aftermarket bolt-ons.’
    • ‘In case prestigious BMW bloodlines simply aren't enough to impress, this Bavarian drop-top also features a long list of bolt-ons which transform it from a superb curve carver into a first rate speed machine.’
    • ‘This Beetle's body features a ton of new trim and factory-fresh bolt-ons.’