Definition of bolt rope in English:

bolt rope


  • A rope sewn around the edge of a vessel's sail to prevent tearing.

    ‘In contrast, the bolt rope sail has much greater turbulence in the area immediately behind the mast.’
    • ‘I had about a hundred feet of bolt rope to sew around the two sails, and it took two days to do it.’
    • ‘The upper and lower hems have bolt ropes installed to slide inside the yard and boom.’
    • ‘There is no comparison of strength and stretch resistance between a hand sewn bolt rope and a machine sewn bolt rope.’
    • ‘Others have bolt ropes on whole edges pulling away and cloth is tearing easily.’
    • ‘If your sails have bolt ropes or luff tapes that are hoisted through luff grooves, it's likely that the top of the bolt rope or luff tape will experience damage.’
    • ‘An hour later it was necessary to take in the canvas to prevent it from being blown out of the bolt ropes.’
    • ‘After the sails are fully laid out and all lines drawn on them, glue the bolt ropes, foot ropes, and other re-enforcing lines, as appropriate.’
    • ‘On top of that, bolt ropes are costly to install and to repair.’
    • ‘These holes were sewn all round or enclosed with narrow bolt ropes.’


bolt rope

/bōlt rōp/ /boʊlt roʊp/