Definition of bonded warehouse in English:

bonded warehouse

Pronunciation /ˈbändəd ˈwe(ə)rˌhous/ /ˈbɑndəd ˈwɛ(ə)rˌhaʊs/

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  • A customs-controlled warehouse for the retention of imported goods until the duty owed is paid.

    ‘Goods may also be moved from one bonded warehouse to another bonded warehouse without the payment of duties and VAT.’
    • ‘However, customs officials are encouraging long-term storage of wine away from bonded warehouses.’
    • ‘They are transported by ship to East London in South Africa, placed in bonded warehouses before being loaded onto auto-carriers for the road trip to Namibia.’
    • ‘We are lucky in that we actually have access to the oldest bonded warehouse in Ireland which is ideal in temperature and location for our business.’
    • ‘The company has acquired several acres next to its premises to build its own bonded warehouse.’
    • ‘The property is a purpose-built bonded warehouse constructed in the late 1970s by Gilbeys.’
    • ‘He said his company is a bonded warehouse and as such, it stocks vehicles for the local market as well as re-export.’
    • ‘Consider the bonded warehouse fees for shipments pending inspection and the paperwork nightmare for such efforts.’
    • ‘Wines, spirits and cigarettes were obtained either in this country or from abroad and held in a bonded warehouse in the United Kingdom in a duty suspended state.’
    • ‘The factory held three or four bonded warehouses, administrative offices, a bottling plant, a small cooperage, and an enormous vatting and blending operation.’
    • ‘In 1887 Cassidy's Distillery reached the peak of its production, almost 250,000 gallons, with 7,000 barrels in stock in the bonded warehouses still standing today.’
    • ‘The high duty levelled on spirits in Britain makes the illegal trade in alcohol ‘diverted’ from bonded warehouses too tempting for criminal networks to ignore.’
    • ‘It is important to ensure that wine is delivered straight to bonded warehouses, to avoid tax problems and as a guarantee that the quality has been maintained.’
    • ‘In outline, all the evasion counts related to alcoholic drink removed from bonded warehouses in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Cannon volleys were fired, shattering a few windows at the bonded warehouses.’
    • ‘It is currently preparing the ground for a new bonded warehouse at its base in Symington, near Biggar.’
    • ‘He has around 40 cases stored in a bonded warehouse, because ‘not many flats in Soho have decent cellars’, and buys wine when he and his wife need it.’
    • ‘However the cargo is to remain at your bonded warehouse in our name and is not to be released or delivered to anybody without our written authority.’
    • ‘The company maintained small distilling of rum products only to keep the bonded warehouse license at this location.’
    • ‘Retailers will also be allowed to store their goods in a bonded warehouse.’